Newsom blames Putin for offering $ 400 gas card to California car owners

This should help the inflation problem.

California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) said Wednesday he wants to give car owners in his state a $ 400 gas card to help reduce pain at the pump.

The average price of gas in California is $ 6 per gallon.

Newsom and the California Democrats are proposing $ 11 billion in relief, including a ফের 9 billion tax refund to raise gas prices.

Each registered car owner in California will receive a $ 400 gas debit card – a maximum of $ 800 if the person has two cars.

Those who do not have a car will be given three months ‘free’ public transit.

Although gas prices rose before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Newsom blamed Putin for the rise.

“We are taking immediate steps to get money directly into the pockets of Californians who are facing high gas prices as a direct result of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine,” Newsom said.

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The San Francisco Chronicle reports:

Governor. Gavin News unveiled a proposal Wednesday to lower California’s highest-priced national gas price.

Newsom’s announcement is part of a $ 11 billion package that its office says will help residents cope with higher gasoline prices, which have risen to an average of $ 5.87 per gallon nationwide.

Debit cards will be sent to registered vehicle owners, with a maximum of $ 800 for those who have more than one car. Newsom also wants to provide free rail and public transport services for three months to provide relief to the driverless.

Newsom needs the support of lawmakers to approve the rebate plan as part of the state budget, so funding could begin by July. But that potential delay has sparked sharp criticism from Republicans, who have demanded that the state suspend the gas tax by 51 cents per gallon, providing both a waiver and more immediate relief.

Millions of people could get a $ 400 debt card if the plan is approved. According to the DMV, there are more than 35.8 million registered vehicles in California, although that number includes people with multiple titles. Drivers who have an electric car or have a lease will also be given a discount.


New: We are proposing $ 11 billion in relief, including a ফের 9 billion tax refund to increase gas prices.

– $ 400 per registered car
– 3 months free public

– Gavin Newsom (GavinNews) March 23, 2022

Post News has proposed a $ 400 gas card for California car owners, blaming Putin for the gas price hike (video) first appearing at The Gateway Pond.

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