Nine West Texas, van collided with a truck carrying child killed

Six university students were killed in South West

Authorities revealed Thursday that a child has a pick-up truck collided with a van that was carrying, a terrible accident, nine people were killed this week in West Texas.

University of New Mexico golf team to a tournament in a van carrying several members on Tuesday night by a pick-up truck was hit.

NBC News reported that a coach and six members of the group died in the fiery collision: Tyler James, 26; Marisio Sanchez, 19; Travis Garcia, 19; Gene Jackson, 22; Karisa Raines, 21; Laci Stone, 18; And Tiago Shushan, 18.

The other two members of the golf team, was taken to hospital in serious condition.

According to the outlet, pick-up truck with two men, 38-year-old and a 13-year-old son died Henrik Siemens.

According to the National Transportation Safety Board Vice Chairman Bruce lyandasabargera, 13-year-old boy was driving the truck when it collided with a van.

AP reports:

Vice-Chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board said Thursday that a 13-year-old Bruce lyandasabarga driving his pickup truck, a van in West Texas, which struck nine people were killed in an arson.

The truck left front tire, a spare tire, which was also to fly before the injury, said lyandasabarga.

টেক্সাসে একজন লার্নার্স লাইসেন্সের জন্য ক্লাসরুম কোর্স করা শুরু করার জন্য 14 এবং গাড়িতে একজন প্রশিক্ষক বা লাইসেন্সপ্রাপ্ত প্রাপ্তবয়স্কদের সাথে গাড়ি চালানোর জন্য সেই অস্থায়ী লাইসেন্স পেতে 15 হতে হবে। Sergeant public safety department. Victor Taylor said that the 13-year-old driver will be breaking the law.

Although it is not clear how fast the vehicle was going, “This was clearly a high-speed collision,” said lyandasabarga.

Texas Highway Patrol and the National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the accident.

“Iuesadabliu Texas DPS public information efforts to assist with the investigation and are coordinating,” the university said in a statement. “University students who are in touch with the family and the coaching staff, so more information is available.”

Breaking: Child truck was driving struck a van in 9: NTSB –

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