No one buys biden bulls in inflation – he made it – he owns it – indie

Biden’s attempt to shift the blame for inflation from his insane actions and inaction to others has failed. The Americans can see right through Biden’s bull.

President Trump has issued a statement in which he notes that the guilt that Biden is trying to play with the Americans is failing.

President Trump cites an article in the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

It’s like watching President Joe Biden’s blame for inflation. This is even more so for some officials of the democratic administration of the past.

Last year, Mr Biden said the ongoing inflation would be temporary. When NBC’s Lester Holt recently pressed him about why the uprising continues, the president called Mr. Holt a “wise man” and blamed the supply chain crisis.

Insult aside, Mr. Holt was right to pressure Mr. Biden. Inflation reached 7.5 percent in January, the highest in four decades.

The Americans are not even buying Biden bulls. Another ABC poll says Americans do not trust Biden’s bull.

I can’t believe the hashtag didn’t work well.

– Matt Whitlock (tmattdizwhitlock) March 13, 2022

No matter what Biden says, Americans are not buying it. Inflation is his. He will not drill down which will reduce costs and help America become more power independent. He’s already made it worse and he’s stuck to it. Biden’s solution is to blame others. His policy has not yet helped the Americans.

No one likes a liar who will not admit his failures and harmful and deadly deeds.

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