Now Pelosi claims he can finish gerimandering – which will also be done through HR1

Nancy Pelosi now says she will end the bias only if the Democrats pass the HRI Bill, which will codify the 2020 election fraud.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants Americans to believe she has plans to end biased germination. But anyone who knows Pelosi knows that he now only cares about gerimandering because most state legislatures are Republican. After the 2020 election, 62 of the 99 state legislatures were with the GOP. It was an increase of three legislative bodies (New Hampshire House and Senate and Alaska House).

State legislatures are where the congressional districts are determined Pelosi knows that it has the upper hand in restructuring the GOP, so the solution is to take the process into the hands of the federal government.

New American Report:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) Has funneled thousands of dollars to support former Attorney General Eric Holder’s efforts to redraw electoral maps for Democrats, despite his supposed opposition.

For the future, the PAC, led by Pelosi, paid $ 300,000 to Holder’s National Democratic Restructuring Committee in late 2020. Pelosi said in 2019 that despite biased grim rendering efforts “compromises the integrity of our democracy”.

The goal of Holder’s organization is to influence a decade-long restructuring process that could determine which party will take control of Congress. According to Politico, the party will act as a mediator between the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the state legislatures, providing information and legal resources.

The Speaker’s husband, Paul Pelosi, oversees the finances of PAC to the Future. The PAC is the only politician-related political committee that has given grants to Holder’s group in the last two years.

“This year, the Democratic-majority HR1 has passed legislation for the people, working to stop biased geometry, requiring all states to establish independent, non-partisan reorganization commissions to draw an open and transparent state-wide district map after each census,” Pelosi said in 2019. We will continue to fight against biased government, ensure that every citizen’s vote counts, and oppose any attempt to compromise the integrity of our democracy. “

Another source of funding for holder clothing: George Soros. Democracy PAC, a billionaire of Hungarian descent, which itself, funded by its non-profit network, has given a six-figure grant to the National Democratic Redistribution Committee.

Pelosi’s response to gerimandering was to take it to the federal government for oversight. But with that comes the rest of HR1 – the first Democrat bill since the 2020 election was stolen. We have reported this bill more than once. This will basically end the free and fair elections forever. Pelosi knows it.

HR1 is Democrat coup d’tat Grace will occupy their entire United States – will code their electoral fraud forever

Some people should never believe. Nancy Pelosi is one.

The Post now claims that Pelosi can end gerimandering – through HR1 which will end free and fair elections forever at The Gateway Pundit First.

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