NY Govt. To extend state of emergency for another month – Indy News

New York Governor Kathy Hutchul (D) Covid is extending the state of emergency for another month.

New York’s state of emergency is set to expire today, but Hochul is extending it until mid-April.

Politico reports:

Governor Kathy Hutchul will extend the state of emergency for another month, his office said Wednesday. This will allow governments across the state to host remote meetings

The Open Meeting Act requires most state and local government agencies to personally host their meetings. Former Gov. Andrew Cuomo suspended the requirement at the start of the epidemic, and lawmakers across New York moved their discussions online.

That suspension came after Kuomo’s state of emergency ended last summer.

But as Covid’s forms began to plague the state, lawmakers enacted a series of similar suspensions. Among them was the latest state of emergency that Hochul announced when Omicron began to spread in December. Once that emergency is over, private meetings need to be resumed.

That state of emergency was to end on March 16. However, Hochul will extend it for another month.

California Governor Gavin News still has his coveted emergency capabilities and the site has no end.

Democrats in California voted this week to end Governor News’ coveted emergency powers.

There is no doubt that the Democrats will return the Kovid mandate after the mid-November term.

Post NY Governor Hochul Kovid first appeared at The Gateway Pundit to extend the state of emergency for another month.

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