NY Post: Norah O’Donnell under fire for ‘toxic behavior’ on CBS

One report said New York Post, CBS Evening News Anchor Norah O’Donnell has a major attitude problem. Despite being in third place on the ratings and now having to deal with a new cost-cutting boss who wants to keep him on the cut block, O’Donnell’s attitude hasn’t changed, according to the paper.

CBS News vice-president Neeraj Khemlani is considering cutting costs for the third-ranked network and is considering firing O’Donnell, who earns $ 6 million to $ 8 million a year. O’Donnell’s contract expires this spring and Khemlani could let O’Donnell go because he is considering a restructuring. CBS Evening News.

Although there has been speculation for some time that his days are numbered on CBS, rumors have been circulating since the Russian invasion of Ukraine that O’Donnell was the only anchor of the three major networks not reporting from Ukraine.

“David Muir, Lester Holt and Anderson Cooper are all in Ukraine. Where’s Nora? We are in the middle of a war and he is reporting from Washington, DC, “a source told the New York Post. “Either he didn’t want to go or the leadership didn’t want him to go. It’s bad anyway. ”

The set describes O’Donnell’s behavior as diva-like and really bizarre, The post Wrote. O’Donnell was told he needed a full “dress rehearsal” half an hour before the show’s broadcast on his nightly news program. Which, according to one source, is “an often-exciting ritual that has seen O’Donnell chew on dressing room stylists over her hair and makeup.”

“There was an incident at the studio last year where she was furious about how her bronzer was wrong,” an insider said, adding that her hair and makeup workers became angry and ended up crying.

Another insider told the paper that full dress rehearsals were “very unusual” for news shows. Another insider added that the show’s producers used rehearsals to help O’Donnell appear “more humane” and less “robotic” in front of the camera.

O’Donnell allegedly used practice sessions to determine which parts to scrap, sometimes even fifteen minutes before the live broadcast.

“Rehearsal is an excuse to blow up packages 15 minutes before the show,” a source said. “He changed the words into parts. Everyone had a stroke.”

O’Donnell also has a very expensive clothing budget, with an insider claiming an allowance of $ 65,000 a year. However, Cindy Burger, O’Donnell’s promoter, denied it. “It’s a dress allowance, every news anchor has a This statistic is wrong, “said Burger.

The New York Post He further added that O’Donnell had been creating problems on CBS for a while and that the release was just the latest in a series of tensions between the host and the new executive.

Now, insiders say O’Donnell is facing heat from Khemlani, who was hired last year to restructure the organization. As previously reported by The Post, Khemlani’s outrageous, strict management style has spread feathers on CBS, leading to the departure of several respected executives and journalists, including London bureau chief Andy Clark, who have been embroiled in controversy over costs. Expelling Afghan journalists and fixers working for CBS.

O’Donnell and Khemlani began their strained relationship when it was reported that CBS was looking for a replacement for O’Donnell. Which obviously bothered O’Donnell and his team.

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