NYC Police Officer Sal Greco’s hearing yesterday – he could lose his job because he

On February 28, 2022, Roger Stone shared the following about New York City Police Officer Sal Greco.

Salvatore Greco is a New York City police officer who, for the past 14 years, has been working to relocate cemeteries to some of the most dangerous areas in New York City to keep New Yorkers safe, with a perfect record of service to the people of New York.

In 2018, it came to my notice that Sal Greco was posting messages online on social media that supported my public denial that I or Donald Trump’s campaign was colluding with the Russians. Sal Greco soon came to Florida on his vacation from NYPD and we became good friends, in fact, he became friends with my whole family. I can honestly say I never saw his badge or his service weapon.

Sal Greco was in Washington DC on January 5 and 6. Like me, Sal Greco did not go to the elite for President Trump’s speech, did not march on the Capitol, and did not attend the Capitol on January 6; In fact, he was in my hotel suite most of the time and we were both shocked to learn about those who had entered the capital illegally. Any claim that we knew or knew that any role in the illegal event of January 6 was a heinous lie and a blatant lie.

We have previously reported to Officer Greco:

I never paid Sal Greco for my or my family’s safety, although, in the face of a considerable number of death threats and ugly scenes in public, there were times when I needed professional security. In this case, professionals have been hired. He had no formal security role in my presence in DC on 5 January. On January 6, none of us left the hotel grounds. The power of Greco on January 5 and 6? Friends, and Trump supporters. More or less.

Sal Greco, however, the person in my hotel suite who contacted me when contacted by the Secret Service, offered to “take me to the Capitol”, an offer I made wisely, just after the President’s speech in Ellipse. This exchange was witnessed by two prominent priests and was captured on video.

Now, the Staten Island boy is being tortured and threatened with dismissal by the New York Police Department despite the support of the Police Benevolent Association (PBA), simply because he supported President Donald Trump in his spare time and became a friend and supporter. Roger Stone, loyal to Trump.

Sal Greco has been the subject of a politically motivated investigation at the NYPD and has been accused of violating NYPD regulations in his friendship with me because of allegations that I am a “convicted criminal”. Although my criminal conviction was overturned by the unconditional presidential pardon I received, newly elected Mayor Eric Adams wrote extensively about providing personal security to convicted criminal Mike Tyson when he was a NYPD captain. Again, we have a two-tier justice system.

Greco had a hearing in front of the New York Police Department yesterday. Greco’s ‘Violation’ was knowing Roger Stone.

In response, Roger Stone showed up for his friend. The NYC Police Department did not announce its decision on what to do with Officer Greco yesterday.

Roger Stone shared this video of yesterday’s events:

Roger Stone and Officer Sal Greco made no mistake!

Please feel free to donate and help Roger Stone with his legal fees.

Post Exclusive: NYC Police Officer Sal Greco’s hearing yesterday – could lose his job because he befriended Roger Stone (video) first appeared on The Gateway Pundit.

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