Pelosi PAC claims ‘CNN Just Revealed’ Rubio ‘in danger of losing’ (not true)

About six weeks ago, I received a fundraising email from Nancy Pelosi Pact at Future PAC entitled "MSNBC (Shocking Announcement)". Republicans are about to end democracy ... according to MSNBC historian Michael Beshlos.

On Friday the same Pelosi sent a cash pitch titled PACCNN has just admitted, " And it started:

Tim, I can't believe my eyes.

CNN reveals the most risky Republican Senate seat in this election:

- Marco Rubio is in danger now Lost His seat in Florida
- Ron Johnson is in danger now Lost His seat in Wisconsin

Do you understand what that means, Tim?

If Democrats work to flip these two Senate seats, Mitch McConnell's hopes of a Senate recovery will fade in an instant. I'm launching an immediate response for Democrats to take advantage of this amazing swing.

So let's try to verify a fact: When did CNN discuss the danger of losing Rubio? After all, the Real Clear Politics poll averaged nine points ahead of Democrat Val Demings in Rubio, and the last poll was +12. (Ron Johnson has a tough gap.) Where's this "amazing swing" toward Democrats?

- Search for transcript found in Nexis database Nothing was publicized last week.

- A look at our Snapstream closed captions came to CNN ten days ago discussing Rubio - in a light-hearted discussion of the Daylight Standard Time Act.

- In early March, Rubio gave Jack Tapper two interviews about the Ukraine invasion, and his alleged weakness in the election never came to light.

Maybe it's on All right, yes. CNN posted an article on February 3 - which means "just posted" somehow translates to "seven weeks ago". Its title was 10 Senate seats most likely to flip in 2022 Ron Johnson was also on the list But wait, how does CNN claim he's "in danger of losing" when he's nine points up?

GOP Sen Marco Rubio is running for a third term in a state Recently in favor of Republicans. (Trump carries it by 3 points in 2020.) That means He started out as a favorite, But Democratic Republican Val Demings, a rival of Biden's running mate, was an impressive fundraiser. He raised nearly $ 7.2 million in the fourth quarter - more than Rubio's $ 5.2 million, although he ended up with more cash in 2021. Demings will need money to introduce themselves across the state across the expensive media market.

"Starting as a choice" doesn't sound like much of a "risk of losing."

Is there another ridiculous point here? CNNO posted this list last December - with the same ten races in the same order. And posted in September - the same ten races, slightly different order. And posted in July - the same ten races, in a slightly different order. And posted in May - the same ten races, slightly different order. One might think that this is like recommending a "just cooked" hot dog from last Memorial Day.

In mid-December, New York Times Reporter Maggie Astor warned that these disgusting Republicans are more likely to send "incorrect information" to their political emails than Democrats. This Pelosi PAC is really expanding the reality about Rubio.

Below is a screencap:


Young American patriots gather at 76 Fest for Lauren Witz, camping and more –

The following article, Exclusive: Young American Patriots Gathering for Lauren Witzke, Camping and More at 76 Fest, was first published in Big League Politics.

A group of inspired American-loving patriots gathered for camping, hiking, bonfire and ... you guessed it, political activism in Phoenix, at the beginning of Lake Pleasant Month in Arizona. Named "76Fest Arizona", the event features a plethora of outdoor activities as well as speakers and networking, which makes for a truly unique political event.

76Fest describes itself as an organization aimed at reconnecting Americans with their traditional roots, hoping to help and organize patriots who want to improve both themselves and their nation. The group, like many other pro-American organizations, has drawn significant hatred from far-left actors; A leftist "journalist" wrote a story in August condemning the incident, entitled "Hitler's Youth, Without the Hitler."

"At 76Fest, we believe that Americanism has moved far away from that [sic] The roots are primarily connected to the land, ”76Fest reads of their event. “We provide a 2 night, 3 day immersion experience in nature for American patriots that is full of activities like tent camping, fishing, hiking, swimming and much more. All of our events are primitive camping style, with little to no cell service, no running water, no electricity and no other modern distractions. "

Their most recent Phoenix event activities include hiking, metalwork, campfire, political speakers, and more.

Wild donkeys were seen more than once during the ceremony.

76Fest was able to significantly host the 2020 Republican Party nominee Lauren Witz for the Delaware Senate race. The former Senate candidate significantly crushed the state's Republican agency, defeating veteran politician James Demartino by more than 13 points in the Delaware Republican primary.

Witzke, among other things, told the story of his origin, explaining how he transformed himself from a drug dealer and a criminal to an advocate for the betterment of his country. He also offered some words of inspiration, to inspire young people attending his event for positive political change to promote the values ​​of 'America First'.

2020 Delaware Senate Race Republican nominee Lauren Witz conducted an interview with American journalist Thomas Morales during the event.

The politics of the Big League Witz had the privilege of asking exclusively what he saw as some of the most important policies implemented in America today, to which he confidently answered "American Nuclear Family Reconstruction," before elaborating on this and other issues currently facing America. Society

"76 Fest was an incredible experience with incredible people," Witz said in an exclusive statement about the event. The politics of the Big League. "Now, more than ever, we need to organize such events to build strong friendships and alliances in the conservative movement that will last a lifetime."

"We are at war, and 76 Fest is an incredible opportunity to observe God's creation and to gather troops for the battle ahead," he concluded with emotion.

Participants in the event fired multiple camps.

Rachel Vera, founder of 76Fest and organizer of 76Fest Arizona, also made a special comment. BLP About events.

“The weekend was full of outdoor activities, both informative and fun,” Vera said. “I couldn’t ask for a better group, and I see everyone evolving over the weekend because they, including the Patriots, have deepened their connection with God and the land was really something special. I sincerely believe that the people who will win the war of our culture are the people who are associated with America as a country of borders and lands, not just ideas and documents.

“Our Arizona event was the perfect example of what I want to bring across the country,” Vera continued. “Truly, there will be no judgment in words; You just have to come out with us and see for yourself! "

Vera said that 76Fest plans to hold its next event in New York from May 27 to May 29. Those who are interested and want to learn more can do so by visiting the 76Fest website.

Support the politics of the Big League by making a donation today. You can also donate via PayPal, Venmo or Crypto. Your support helps us to accept the strong and report the truth that the mainstream media wants to silence.

Continue reading: Exclusive: Young American Patriots Gather Lauren Witz at 76 Fest, Camping and More.


Welsh wonders if Ukrainians benefit from being white Christians

Ali Velshi of MSNBC used his Saturday show to reflect on the fact that Ukrainians fleeing the war in their country benefit by becoming white Christians while Syrians and Afghans do not.

Velshi asked his question AtlanticIts Caitlin Dickerson and was confident she already knew the answer, “I think I know the answer, but why weren't we good at it? We - we - were not good with the Afghans, we were not good with the Syrians, we are - we are doing well with the Ukrainians, and many people think, and they deserve, we can help them in every way, but many people think That they are white and Christians and not others. "

Dickerson tried to do it both ways, "There are a number of reasons, and I've talked to a lot of experts this week who have said that this distinction would only be reduced to race." But as you mentioned, there are undeniable differences that have frustrated many. "

Wellesley mentions Afghans, so it would be nice to mention that the United States has accepted about 75,000 Afghans since last summer, in addition to all since 2001, a comparison that he has made less intense than he portrayed.

Dickerson, however, points to some differences, comparing Ukrainians fleeing Russian aggression to "a large number of people from Vietnam or Cuba seeking communism" and using the situation as a way to portray Vladimir Putin as a bad guy, although he explicitly points out. Wanted to say "escape from communism."

He further argued that the clear distinction between good boys and bad boys in this war makes it easier for refugees to be accepted, as well as President Biden's efforts to "show a sense of solidarity with the EU".

Unfortunately, Dickerson underestimated his own argument, concluding, "But again, you know, we were talking about Syrians before, you know, Syrians who just a few years ago faced chemical weapons in support of Putin as well as the ground war. The same support from the United States." Get it. "

Even when MSNBC makes decent arguments, they immediately deny themselves for the sake of narration and ruin it.

Sponsored by this segment Fisher Investment.

Here is a transcript for the March 26 event:



9:57 AM ET

Ali Velshi: Why do you think, I mean, why — why কি what we are, I think I know the answer, but why we were not good at it? We - we - were not good with the Afghans, we were not good with the Syrians, we are - we are doing good with the Ukrainians, and many people think, and they deserve all the help we can give them, but many people think Either because they are white and Christian and others are not.

Caitlin Dickerson: There are a lot of reasons, and I've talked to a lot of experts this week who have said that this distinction will only make less of a difference. But as you mentioned, there are undeniable differences that have frustrated many. I mean, I can talk, you know, the key to this conflict and how the United States has historically used these policies. You know, as you and I have discussed, policies such as asylum, refugee resettlement, and temporary protection that we have recently opened up to Ukrainians, who are already in the United States, undocumented or waiting for a solution. Asylum case, one year of protection.

These are not just benevolent principles, they never were. These are the geopolitical tools we have historically used to show our superiority as a nation. So when we took in a huge number of people looking for communism from Vietnam or Cuba, it was the same thing. It is like a final dig in the international arena telling your enemy, you know, your people are fleeing or in this case the territory that people are trying to occupy, they are fleeing and coming to us for protection. That is how developed we are as a country.

And so it's a way to help people, but also to show our strength. And in this case, too, we are trying to show President Biden a sense of solidarity with the EU - as you know, the whole West is strategizing right now to keep this conflict from escalating, and so this is a way to tell Europe that we are behind you. In the eyes of those who are making these decisions in Washington, at least in the United States, there is a clear dog in the fight. But again, you know, we were talking about Syrians before, you know, Syrians who just a few years ago were facing a ground war as well as Putin-assisted chemical weapons and could not get the same support from the United States.


Manchin will vote for Jackson, confirming his seat … – Indy News

In a statement outlining his decision, Manchin said, "I have met with Judge Jackson and evaluated his eligibility to be a Supreme Court judge. After meeting with him, consider his record, and testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee this week. After careful observation, I have decided that I would like to vote for his nomination to serve in the Supreme Court. " Manchin's announcement is significant because he is a closely watched moderate Democrat and the main swing vote in the Senate. His decision to vote "yes" helps the Senate tighten the math of the vote to ensure the Democrats nominate a candidate. Senate Democrats are hoping to move quickly in a confirmation vote in the full Senate early next month. They can convince Jackson in the Supreme Court without Republican support if every member of their caucus votes, which seems likely to happen, and Vice President Kamala Harris breaks a tie. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer promised in a one-floor speech Thursday that the Senate Judiciary Committee would bring nominations to the Senate "in short order" if the nomination goes ahead. The Judicial Committee is expected to vote on the nomination on April 4. Jackson appeared before the committee for a high-profile confirmation hearing this week, which has been sharply questioned by Senate Republicans. So far, no Democrats have publicly indicated they will vote against the nominee, and even Republicans have worked to free up potentially politically damaging attacks, such as Jackson's alleged leniency in crime, accusations against the nominee, and many Democrats.

The post will vote for Manchin Jackson, confirming his seat… first appeared in the Popularist Press © 2022.


Sally Field is so obsessed with pro-lifeers that she can physically attack them

IRecent Interviews with Hollywood Outlets DiversityThe Academy Award-winning actress even hinted that she could take physical revenge on various Republican lawmakers who are pro-life.

Yes, he is very upset with the people who are saving innocent future lives.

During the interview, Field seemed to have made possible the most extreme interpretation of these pro-life lawmakers. He said he believed that "those who are doing it and they are mostly male governors who are doing it are very backward, so ignorant and really hungry for power."

Um, right? Is it to save innocent children from being killed, backward, ignorant and hungry for power? Anyone with a conscience knows that the field seems to be "backwards" here. He seems to be a general leftist who completely ignores the plight of the unborn child and focuses on what lawmakers say "no" to. Thus, they are oppressive.

This is the definition of a bad faith argument.

Field continued with his unwavering view, saying, "I think it's criminal. They want to achieve and bring back significant advances for women, for blacks, for the LGBTQ community. "

Again, how are your children's progress being killed? This is a deception for the minority community. And another question for the declining, science-minded left: How do they square off abortion with a Darwinian, evolutionary understanding of biology? Killing one's own baby is not progress for any species.

They can't. But no one should say "no" to a woman. You can't kill your baby. It's his right, damn it!

Sadly these beliefs are the same for leftists, especially for hyper-emotional Hollywood. Where it changed significantly was when Fields expressed his hatred for Republican lawmakers, particularly Governor Ron Desantis (R-FL) and Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX), to the point of thinking of hitting them.

"I can't say enough terrible things about how I feel about those men," he added. No. I will. "

Field then turned to his preacher during the conversation and said, "Heidi, can you hear me?" Take me away. "

Well, the field is crazy. The flat truth here is that she is so mad that abortions in these states will not be so frequent that she may become violent in it.

Despite her public hatred, we must make sure to pray for Mrs. Field. According to, the actress complained that she was sexually abused as a child by her stepfather and then had an abortion at the age of seventeen. Perhaps all this sadness and pain is coloring his mental state in this matter.



In front of Thursday New York Times Biden covers the last day of questioning for the Supreme Court nominee and further condemns the Republicans: "Ketanji Brown Jackson is surviving on the day of the final blow to the questions."

At first, however, journalists Carl Hulls and Jonathan Weizmann were fascinated by the liberal nominee.

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson appeared two days before his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday that his record had left Democrats in the face of a growing situation of Republican onslaught. She is confident that she will be the first black woman in the Supreme Court.

Ironically, Bar Get angry when Jackson is asked to define "woman" at the hearing, as shown later.

Wednesday's hearing deteriorated as Republican senators repeatedly attacked Judge Jackson. After spending most of the day on Tuesday, the child peppered him with similar questions about his decision to punish him for sexual abuse.

The online headline in the story of Supreme Court reporter Adam Liptok on Thursday was ironic: "Sure hearing, once focused on the law, is now immersed in politics." Tell that to Justice Kavanagh.

A senator asked President Biden's Supreme Court-appointed judge Ketanji Brown Jackson how pious he was on a "scale of 1 to 10". Another asked her to define the word "woman". A third wanted to know if the children were racist.

Funny. Is Liptack actually mocking the notion that children can be racist? This could infuriate Abram X Candy, who wrote the children's book Anti-apartheid children, Sen. Ted Cruz mentioned when questioning Jackson. Jackson's bizarre opinion is respected Bar.

This week the question is different and marked by the rise of partisan warfare, with Republicans using the opportunity to present conservative accusations to push for a midterm election, including opposition to critical race theory and transgender women in sports.

Bar Journalists watching Jackson live on the third and final day of the committee's interrogation were defensive to him and insulting to Republican questions. (Less than four years after Brett Kavanagh's trial.)

Glenn Thrush wrote on Wednesday evening:

White House Judge Jackson's aides believe he pushed the Republicans to attack without much damage. They are passing around a Gallup vote that shows him sky-high public support. But the lasting image of the day will be a legacy of Republican senators giving speeches and barring a lawyer who probably won't have to comply with such barriers if he gets his next job.

Charlie Savage brought a heavy gun to his defense on Wednesday:

Senator Blackburn goes back to the various quotes he used as ammunition to blow up Judge Jackson, often taking them out of context to present them in dark light. Here's an article about that. And here's another.

The Bar Judge Jackson refused to define what a woman was (despite all of Jackson's press praise as the first black woman to be nominated by the Supreme Court). While reporter Jonathan Weissman's adoption focused on Republican "anger," Jackson did not shy away from a basic biology question.

… .Senator Marsha Blackburn, a Republican from Tennessee, adds another social issue to the list of cultural grievances.


Since he and other judicial nominees before him have worked regularly, Judge Jackson has avoided the question outside of his role on the bench, saying "I am not a biologist"

Weizmann said: "It simply came to our notice then.


Vip Thoughts with Orange Harris (Volume 2) – Indie News

The Washington Free Beacon We are honored to present the second volume of our popular video series "Vip Thoughts with Orange Harris", which celebrates a politician who has repeatedly shown that HBO's Vip The most accurate portrayal of the self-absorbed idiots who run American politics and our great country.

Earlier this month, a former aide to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky aired a suggestion that most Americans would "feel if it were a tragedy." [Kamala Harris] He has won the presidency. " Even former Harris staffers - many of whom are resigning these days - are terrified of becoming president.

In fact, it would be a tragedy if Harris "wins the presidency". Fortunately, this will never happen. With 79-year-old President Joe Biden increasingly physically and mentally ill, he may one day be president, but for now, we can all share laughter at the expense of the whip. Harris, aka "Cuckoo Queen," is a ridiculous man who continues to embarrass himself, his country, and the failed state of California.

Check out the post: Vip Thoughts with Orange Harris (Volume 2) first appeared on the Washington Free Beacon.


Why no one believes the New York Times – Indy News

Posted: March 26, 2022 12:01 AM

The opinions expressed by the columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the opinions of

If anyone is still wondering why important elements of American voters have lost faith in the credibility of Big Tech, the mainstream media, and the Washington Establishment, the New York Times recently revealed that the emails found on Hunter Biden's laptop were, in fact, authentic, and by Big Tech, mainstream media, and Washington. The collective response to that news - for intelligence, a collective wind - should all be explained. For those who are late to the story, here is a quick summary: In October 2020, just three weeks before the presidential election, The New York Post - the country's oldest newspaper - published a series of articles based on documents found on a laptop computer that . To Biden's son Hunter. The stories prove that Joe Biden lied when he announced that "I never talked to my son about his foreign business dealings" and revealed that Hunter had run multiple business deals in Ukraine and China and that it seemed profitable. He made money in his father's political position. Further, based on the laptop's documents, it was found that Hunter may have violated certain laws requiring the foreign company to disclose its activities and that he may not have reported all of his earnings to the IRS. Documents even.

Post Hunter's Laptop 'Proven': Why No One Trusts the New York Times The First Popularist Press appeared in © 2022.


Responding to allegations that the constitution is a ‘trash’ – Indy News

Nowadays all sorts of ridiculous things are said against America, the pledge of allegiance, the flag and our history. Now, a leftist reporter has called the constitution a "trash." It should be discarded and replaced with something "more inclusive" "The constitution is a kind of rubbish," Eli Mistal, The Nation's "justice correspondent," recently told The View. It was not a passing confusion. At another outlet, a journalist asked him, "[A]Are you arguing that the constitution needs to be repealed altogether? ” He replied: "Of course - but I do not think it will happen. For example, if we can get rid of it and start with a new document that includes more for everyone, which was written by everyone - there is no black man, brown man or woman in the constitution at any time to write a constitution or amendment - if We can throw it away and put a delegation of all Americans to write a new one, but I'll be there for him. " The most durable government document in history, creating the most freedom for most people in the world, is "garbage"? What sacrifices they have made for us, for their successors. In the Declaration of Independence, on which the Constitution is foretold, the founders declared their commitment, with God's help, To commit to "life, our destiny and our sacred honor" ...

The post responding to allegations that the constitution is a 'trash' first appeared in the Populist Press © 2022.


Putin and his proxies are still screaming like pigs at Trump’s Cuba policy – Indy

In a major change, the Trump administration will, for the first time since the Fidel Castro revolution, allow a U.S. court to sue a foreign company using assets seized by the communist-ruled (and Russian-client state) Cuba, Reuters headlined in April, 2019. Russia has called on the United States to immediately lift its embargo on Cuba. (He was the first U.S. president to actually enforce its teeth.) "By tightening sanctions and tightening Cuban trade, economic, financial and energy sanctions," Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Pankin shouted at the UN General Assembly in Washington. It wants to prevent Cuban citizens from exercising their right to a dignified life! " Putin's eunuch continued to shout: "Basically, Washington (under Trump) has gradually adopted a policy of launching an italic mine targeting the Cuban people. Former US President Barack Obama has relaxed US policy towards Cuba ... but has tightened policy since current President Donald Trump came to power. (Thus, after coming to power in 2017, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Pankin was shouted at the UN General Assembly.)

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