Supreme Court on behalf of Biden government in navy wax case – Indy News

The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday ruled in favor of the Biden regime and temporarily allowed the navy to decide what to do with the plaintiffs after they rejected the covid vaccine for religious reasons.

The Supreme Court has granted temporary relief to the Biden regime as seals cases go through the system.

Conservative judges Thomas, Alito and Gorsuch disagreed.

BREAKING: Beside the Biden administration, the Supreme Court blocked a lower court ruling that barred the Pentagon from considering the decision to deploy coveted vaccination status to naval seals. Thomas, Alito and Gorsuch disagree.

- SCOTUSblog (@SCOTUSblog) March 25, 2022

The AP reports:

The Supreme Court is giving the Navy an independent hand in determining the work assigned to 35 sailors who sued COVID-19 for refusing to comply with a vaccination order for religious reasons.

The High Court in a brief order on Friday sided with the Biden administration and said that during the trial, it could consider the status of vaccinating sailors in making naval deployments, appointments and other operational decisions. Most of the parties that have sued have navy seals.

Justice Brett Kavanaugh wrote that there was a "common excessive reason" for him to agree with the court's decision. The constitution calls the president, "no federal judge," the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, he writes, adding that courts have traditionally been "reluctant to interfere with the executive branch's authority on military and national security issues."

Three conservative judges - Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito and Neil Gorsuch - have stated that they do not agree with the decision of their colleagues and will be in favor of SEAL.

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Missouri U.S. Senate candidate Eric Greatens explodes ‘disgusting coward’ Carl

The following article was first published in Big League Politics by Missouri U.S. Senate candidate Eric Greatens for the fake News Smear campaign against the 'Disgusting Cowards' Carl Rowe and Mitch McConnell's family.

Missouri U.S. Senate candidate Eric Grittens - a war hero, Navy SEAL and former governor - has been charged with plotting to assassinate GOP Establishment hack Carl Rowe and Mitch McConnell for attacking his family.

"I want to tell you directly, Carl Rove and Mitch McConnell. Listen now. You are cowards. And we are coming for you. I will no longer allow you to attack me and attack my children and destroy this country, "Grittens said in a tweet, referring to the recent smear campaign that means destroying his New America First candidacy.

In the video, Gretens mentions that personal investigator William Tsaby Gretens was convicted after a count of tampering with evidence on the railroad against him, who was forced to resign as governor in 2018 over allegations of now-isolated blackmail. . Gretens mentions that TSB worked with circuit attorney Kim Gardner, A Soros-informed ghetto thugThis is a politically motivated witch hunt.

“Is it any coincidence that this week, RINOs brought a new set of wild allegations against me that they claim four years ago? This is obviously nonsense, "said Gretens.

Gretens' liberal ex-wife, Shina, is dragging her ex-husband's name through the mud, alleging child abuse without any evidence of leverage in the custody dispute. Grittens mentions that her relationship with her boys is very strong and she sees them often.

Brittbert on Thursday broke the news of a GOP-donor trust whistleblower who knew about the allegations before hitting the Bush hack and election fraud denialist Carl Rove press. Grettens noted that Mitch McConnell's Senate Leadership Fund was also involved in this dirty tactic to derail his campaign.

"By supporting the left, by stabbing President Trump in the back, by stabbing the American people in the back, you are making life difficult for millions of families in this country, and we are not going to stand up for that anymore." Grievance says Rove, McConnell and Rhino address the rest of the company.

"We are coming for you, and we are not just taking back our party, we are taking back our country. We watch your game, we know your lies, but we also know this: at the end of the day, truth triumphs and, at the end of the day, courage lies in love. We have it, and we're going to lose your fear and gossip, "he added.

The full video can be viewed here:

I want to tell you directly, Carl Rowe and Mitch McConnell. Listen now. You are cowards. And we are coming for you. I will not allow you to attack me anymore and attack my children and destroy this country.

- Eric Greatens (EricGreatens) March 25, 2022

This fake scandal and fake news created by the founding of RINO brings out the best in Gretens. If he succeeds against this evil force, he will be like no other, a U.S. senator on a mission to expose corruption and drain wetlands in Washington DC.

Continue reading: Missouri U.S. Senate candidate Eric Grittens blasts 'disgusting cowards' Carl Rove and Mitch McConnell for a fake news smear campaign against his family.


Sen. Cruz – The team has been irresistible at Indy News

The series will be a weekly feature on human events that will shed a bright light on social media activity among those who claim to be part of the "diversity and tolerance" crowd.

Every week, we take a look at some of the events in the world of social media. While traditional big platforms quickly silence conservative voices, even for the right posting, they seem to let others say whatever they want, regardless of the level of animosity.

Brent Hamachek, managing editor

Mainstream Republicans, such as Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, have such a hatred of the Left that they are not only willing to attack him on the basis of his nationality, but also to emphasize that Cubans are not Hispanic.

When Biden asked Supreme Court nominee Kentanzi Brown Jackson about his legal approach to the idea of ​​being able to change one's gender, Cruz asked, "If I can change my gender. If I can be a woman and then an hour later, if I Deciding that I am no longer a woman, I assume that I will lose three clauses. Tell me, does the same principle apply to other protected features?

"Well, for example, I'm a Hispanic. Can I decide I'm an Asian?" Cruz asked.

Don’t think of the basis behind Cruz’s question. Tim Bam's Twitter users would rather you focus on the fact that the senator has left his Hispanic Guard with only unauthorized politics.

"For the record: He is not a Hispanic," wrote Verified user DataDrivenMD. "She is a former Canadian of Cuban descent with American citizenship.

For the record: He is not a Hispanic. He is a former Canadian of Cuban descent with American birthright citizenship.

- Dr. George A. Standing with Caballero (ataDataDrivenMD) March 23, 2022

If there is any room for confusion, the U.S. Census Bureau defines "Hispanic or Latino" as "a person of Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American, or other Spanish culture or origin, regardless of race."

Ted Cruz hasn't been Hispanic for 51 years.

- Esteban Magellan (EMag_7) March 24, 2022

Another user called Cruz a "fake Hispanic" who was "actually a Cuban" and a "swimmer bastard".

This fake Hispanic who came from Canada, is actually a Cuban who believes that he is a dirty bastard who is white .. now wants to be a savior of children !!! Yet Trump's cage had zero problems with Hispanic toddlers, some died, while TX's kids froze to death and he went to Cancun?

- Kamatsu (DarkWebWarrier) March 23, 2022

For documents only.

On behalf of the Hispanic and Latino communities, we have removed Ted Cruz from the team.


- Miguel (eeMeegwellito) March 24, 2022

Excluding ridiculous questions… I don't think I've ever heard him say "I'm a Hispanic."

- Double L Must Rock the Bells (oveLoveThePuck) March 23, 2022

"Hispanic like Ted Cruz Taco Bell," wrote another.

Hispanic like Ted Cruz Taco Bell.

- Death MetalViking (eDeathMetalV) March 23, 2022

Ted Cruz hasn't been Hispanic for 51 years.

- Esteban Magellan (EMag_7) March 24, 2022

Some insist that Cruz is actually a white man, because of his "whiteness"

"Ted Cruz claims to be a Hispanic man only when it is convenient. He loves his whiteness and his attachment to whiteness will not bend it."

This is convenient when Ted Cruz claims to be a Hispanic man. She loves her whiteness and her attachment to whiteness will not ruin it.

- Frankly Tiff: Establishment Dam (@ tify330) March 23, 2022

Ted Cruz, "I'm a Hispanic, but don't call me my Hispanic name Raphael. I chose to be a white man named Ted. "

Ted Cruz, "I'm a Hispanic, but don't call me my Hispanic name Raphael. I chose to be a white man named Ted. "

- Monica Fracker (@Freaker Monica) March 23, 2022

Even those who admit that Cruz is, yes, technically Hispanic, who claim he "pretends" to be white.

A Canadian Hispanic who pretends to be a racist white Texan is confused about how the race works.

A Canadian Hispanic who pretends to be a racist white Texan is confused about how the race works.

- The Hoarse Whisperer (@TheRealHoarse) March 23, 2022

Many have accused Hispanic Cruz of being a white supremacist, racist, and white nationalist.

If you ever want to see the complexity of Latino on display, look no further than this committee. There are two Latino / Hispanic males:

Ted Cruz - White Cuban Texans (racist)

Alex Padilla - Brown Mexican California (Ally)

Fvk Ted Cruz Forever!

- Frankly Tiff: Establishment Dam (@ tify330) March 23, 2022

One way to reconcile with yourself is that he, Ted CruzHe himself is a Hispanic white supremacist.

- DaSkinny1 (@ Skinny1Da) March 24, 2022


The soldiers were shocked when Joe Biden spoke embarrassingly and stuffed pizza under his mouth.

Joe Biden has made headlines in Poland today.
Biden said US troops were going to Ukraine.

He visited the troops at a mess hall.

Notice that no huge crowd is waiting for this guy to shake his hand.

Biden tells U.S. troops they will remain in Ukraine in apparent confusion

- New York Post (ponypost) March 25, 2022

He then told a ridiculous story about his son using "Hunter" as his last name for some reason. What's wrong?
Look at these boys and their expressions!


"Okay, if you start eating, I'm going to sit down and have something to eat."

Press Biden eating pizza with members of the service in Regesjo, Poland.

- ABC News (@BC) March 25, 2022

These guys check out.

Troops upset over Bafun's "presidency"@ JobaidenSoldiers "dig" to get that pizza like an animal before they get anything. The military always eats the last of the senior officers! (And there are some rules for crying out loud) !!

- Greg Kelly (gregkellyusa) March 25, 2022

The post Joe Biden Speaks Embarrassingly And Stuffs Pizza In His Face The Troops Are Shocked First Appears In The Gateway Pundit.


The child porn offender was sentenced by Pedos Judge Ketanji Brown Soft to 3 months in prison

Wesley Hawkins, a child pornography convict sentenced to just three months in prison by Biden Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson, told the Washington Post that he was "absolutely outraged" to send her to jail until the first time child pornography convicts told her. They were sentenced to five or six years in prison. Hawkins said he sympathized with Jackson that he had to be punished for a crime when he had just started life. Hawkins is now 27 years old, 18 when he was arrested and 19 when Jackson sentenced him.


Perhaps most surprisingly, Hawkins said, he was able to feel sympathy for the judge he was once angry at being sent to prison.

"I was not happy that he gave me three months, although after reflection when I was in prison, I heard from other people who said it was their first arrest and they got five years, six years.

"I think he chose to take this into account when I was just starting out [in life] And he knew it would hold me back year after year, regardless, "he said," so he didn't really want to add it. "

Hawkins said he did not commit the crime as reported, but was caught searching online for non-pornographic photos of underage teenage boys and was taken back to a half-house.

Hawkins admitted that six years after his release from prison, he was in a "dark" place, losing his job at a retail store. He did not object to the experimental application - sealed in his case but described in the post - that in 2019, he searched for non-pornographic material and pictures of 13- to 16-year-old men, asking Jackson to send him. The house in the middle.

"As it clearly states [my court file] It's not because I'm dissatisfied, it's because I did something illegal, "Hawkins told The Post. "According to the treatment I received, they felt I was at risk of re-offending."

At this week's confirmation hearing, Sen. Josh Howley's (R-MO) videos interrogate Jackson and read his own words about the Hawkins case:

Absolutely brutal question @HawleyMO When he told Judge Jackson his own words:

"Judge, he was 18. These kids are 8 years old. I don't understand why they're colleagues."

- (owntownhallcom) March 22, 2022

This was probably Josh @HawleyMOHer strongest point back and forth with KBJ on the punishment of child sex offenders - she fell from a sentence where she said she was "feeling".[s] So "Perp's family" and sorry for you and for this pain.

- Curtis Hawk (CartisHawk) March 22, 2022

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Leftists five-time MLB all-star Manny Machado rocking “Let’s go

MLB superstar Manny Machado has received a lot of attention recently after donning a "Let's Go Brandon" T-shirt to spring training in Arizona.

After his bold speech, the San Diego Padres became the third baseman and Dominican American went viral and received tremendous support.

I still hate Manny Machado

- to Luke Stein (@ trickyluke88) March 25, 2022

My new favorite player!

- Dave Stastny (stastny_dave) March 25, 2022

Manny Machado ...

Such an inspiration and an athlete I can get behind.

- (awSawyersGhost) March 25, 2022

He also provoked the leftists as usual. The awakened leftists want to keep politics out of the sport unless it agrees with their agenda.

The extreme, right-wing politics of this Padres locker room is going to be a big kind of shutdown.

- Pit in Point Loma (ilWillieOReeFan) March 25, 2022

What happened to the Republican approach to "let's keep politics out of sports"? Https://

- (isaiahs_josue) March 25, 2022

Machado, a potential Hall of Fame player, is likely to be punished for wearing the shirt by the awakened MLB and the fake news media.

What a pity,

Manny Machado Cooperstown's first ballot was guaranteed by the Hall of Famer, and now hateful Communist baseball writers will one day punish him for wearing the Let's Go Brandon shirt.

I stand with Manny, he will always be the Hall of Famer in my book!

- Nick Adams (ickNickAdamsinUSA) March 23, 2022

Machado is starting his eleventh season at the Majors with five All-Star appearances under his belt.

Stand with Manny.

In this post: Leftists first appeared at The Gateway Pundit in the five-time MLB All-Star Manny Machado rocking "Let's Go Brandon" T-shirt Padres Spring Training.


To convert cooking oil used in Chick-fil into renewable transport fuel –

Famous Chicken Restaurant Chain Chick-fil-A, Inc. Darling Ingredients has recently been selected to convert its used cooking oil into 'cleaner-burning renewable transport fuel', a press release said on Monday.

Darling Ingredients is a leading producer of renewable energy and the largest publicly traded company that turns food waste into sustainable products. The company will use its service brand DAR PRO Solution to collect used cooking oil from restaurants in all Chic-Phil in the United States and Canada.

DAR PRO Solutions explains on their website how they process used cooking oil;

Our goal is to make the process of collecting used cooking oil as easy and seamless as possible.

Read the full news release from the darling material below:

Darling Ingredients Inc. (NYSE: DAR), a company that turns food waste into sustainable products and produces renewable energy, announced today Chick-fil-A, Inc. Darling Ingredients has chosen to convert her used cooking oil into a cleaner burning oil. Transport fuel. Darling Ingredients' service brand DAR PRO Solutions will collect used cooking oil from restaurants in all Chic-Phil in the United States and Canada.

"We appreciate Chick-fil-A's commitment to reducing food waste and are proud to be part of a solution that keeps food waste away from our landfills and provides a renewable fuel that reduces GHG emissions," he said. Sandra DudleyDarling Ingredients Executive Vice President, Renewables and US Specialty Operations.

"At Chick-fil-A, we are committed to caring - and that includes caring for others through our food and caring for our planet," he said. Rodney BullardVice President of Corporate Social Responsibility, Inc. at Chick-fil-A. "Our innovative partnership with DAR PRO Solutions helps us be a responsible steward of our restaurant resources and allows us to support the future of renewable transportation fuels - although positively impacting the communities we serve."

Each year, Darling Ingredients converts millions of pounds of used cooking oil into renewable diesel. Diamond Green Diesel Enterprise. Diamond Green Diesel It is estimated that more than 700 million gallons of renewable diesel will be produced by 2022. Finished renewable energy can reduce greenhouse gases by up to 85 percent.

The post Chick-fil-A first appeared on The Gateway Pundit to convert used cooking oil into renewable transport fuel.


Hateful NY Times cries for Jackson, defends Dame Assault over Kavanagh

The New York Times On the front page of the front page on Friday, Biden strongly supported Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, while reliable Democratic defender Carl Hulls slammed Republicans for papering Jackson in a "news analysis" and a "broken confirmation" policy. Process on full display. "

Four years after Democrats hated the trial of current judge Brett Cavanaugh, Washington correspondent Hulls, who lost Cavanaugh's (temporary) personal reputation, now see how Republicans abused Jackson, the "historic ... highly qualified" nominee.

The Republican handling of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson this week was conclusive evidence that the Senate's Supreme Court confirmation process has been incredibly broken.

Is the process broken now?

Combined with Judge Jackson's aggressive hostile interrogation, the political dog-whistle and the relentless retrial of past Supreme Court conflicts, which could be not only a restoration for the Senate, but also an important national moment to see the first black woman. Climb to the pinnacle of American law with strong support.

Instead it was an increase in what has come before it in recent years: full-blown questions in Invendo about toxic bias, bitter assaults and the failure of a nominee's supposed character, which will probably take the street wounds to the high court.

"Do you believe that child hunters are misunderstood?" Senator Marsha Blackburn, a Republican from Tennessee, asked Judge Jackson in one of the many loaded questions to define him as a kind of pedophile enabler, despite years of commendable service on the bench.

The failure of the nominee was set aside in a principle of early biology.

She was questioned about the definition of "woman" at a time when transgender rights were a hot-button issue, and her views on racism and critical racism were repeatedly grilled.

If there was any confirmation from the Supreme Court that could have gone otherwise, it was.

Judge Jackson is a historian nominee, even rated as highly qualified by his critics..

Republican leaders were determined to show that they could be better than Democrats in challenging the other party's presidential nominee in a respectful way. And they feared that white Republican men grouping on a black woman would not sit well in the election year.

But the Republicans could not help themselves. During the long interrogation, many of them tried to destroy Judge Jackson, or at least drag him down a path of assurance that they were sure the Democrats would be united behind him.

In the end, it attracts media attention with its strong gravitational pull From the right edge of their team Too many Republicans have proven too much to resist ...

Also, Republicans are going to avenge the behavior of Democrats from their party's nominees 35 years ago and are particularly excited. What do they consider the heinous attack on Justice Brett M. Kavanagh by Democrats? At the time of his confirmation four years ago.

This led to the worst part: Hulls' defense of democratic conduct during the Kavanagh hearing.

But Justice Kavanagh was charged with sexual harassment by someone who agreed to testify under oath at his confirmation hearing, a very different situation from Judge Jackson, who faced a variety of questions that suggested he was an extremist on social issues and a coddler. Child sexual abusers. And while Kavanagh's hearing was explosive, Democrats at least agreed to hold them back, unlike Republicans who blocked President Barack Obama's 2016 nominee, Merrick Garland.

And the Republicans have agreed to listen to Kavanagh's accuser, Christine Blessy Ford, and have agreed to delay the vote for a full week for the FBI to investigate.

The Bar Insane Republicans have created a problem with Jackson's sentencing record. Four years ago, Democrats displayed a blow-up chart of Brett Kavanagh's high school yearbook and questioned him about the impenetrable yearbook slang to prove he was a high school drunk. Sen. Amy Cloboucher wondered if she had ever been blackout drunk.

Outside the courtroom, Sen. Maji Hirono of Hawaii suggested that the allegations of rape against Kavanagh were more credible because of his conservative ideology. Sluggie porn lawyer Michael Kavanagh has accused Kavana of running a rape-train at Avenatti High School. These things are not even close to being the same.

Hulls, meanwhile, a credible defender of democracy, was outraged by his choice that Judge Jackson ... had to face questions of principle.

Hulls is nervous enough to accuse post-Kavanagh Republicans of "insulting":

It is difficult to know where the status quo of the Supreme Court review goes. Jackson's hearing seems to have opened a new frontier in humiliation Focuses so much on the history of his sentence, which means that any sentence handed down by future nominees will now become food for attack.


Freedom crucified by “religiousization” of climate change – Indy News

US Secretary of State John Kerry looks at a pair of ostriches

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The religion of climate change threatens the personal and economic freedom of mankind. The clergy and prophets of the movement, with the help of true believers in academia and the media, foreshadowed the planet Armageddon if not cautious. In his commentary on the mass movement, Eric Hoffer warned of the "introduction" of practical motives to the sacred causes. He noted, “Blind devotion and religiosity lead to the belief that the movement is virtuous and a source of strength. The follower is identified as a supporter and protector of a sacred cause. "

What qualifies as a religion?

The Supreme Court has not established a formal definition of religion, and values ​​that distinguish between religious and similar non-religious beliefs remain elusive. The Second Circuit Court noted for the First Amendment that beliefs that constitute a religion are evaluated by whether the beliefs are sincerely held and, from the believer's point of view, religious. In the Tenth Circuit Court United States vs. Myers The philosopher William James quotes religion as, "... the experience of individual men in feelings, activities, and their solitude, as long as they think they can relate to what they think is divine."

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which administers Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, a belief is considered religious if it is "sincere and meaningful" and "occupies a place in the life of its holder in parallel with the filling by the Creator." These religious beliefs include "what is right and wrong is a non-theistic moral or moral belief that is firmly rooted in the power of traditional religious law."

Barbara Barnett sought to define religion from a twentieth-century perspective by drawing on the work of ES Ames, who commented that the genus of religion is "consciousness of social values" and "this consciousness is combined with a desire and awareness that certain things should be followed." And others will be avoided. " Barnett Clifford explores Gertz's thesis which applies five experiments to define religion based on symbolic anthropology.

In the case of the third circuit in the United States Malnak vs. YogiThe precedent of the Supreme Court and the practical demands of the court determine three things that define religion:

Religions are related to the ultimate issue that seeks to solve fundamental questions These are wide in circumference They display similar surface features of recognized religions, including trained teachers, institutions responsible for instilling faith, ways to spread beliefs and practices, and performance and conduct of ceremonies.

Climate Tsar John Kerry

Climate Tsar John Kerry's personal wealth is estimated at 194 194 million, much of it inherited from the Forbes family. His wife, Theresa Heinz, inherited 700 700 million from her late husband and is now worth 1 billion. At the time of their marriage they owned a private jet, property in front of the beach and a yacht. Their carbon footprint is huge, and contradicts Greta Thanberg's advice, "We need to change almost everything in today's society. The bigger your carbon footprint, the bigger your moral responsibility. "Asked about the planet's condition in 2020, Mr Kerry replied:" Scientists gave us 12 years three years ago. We've wasted those three years. If we accept, then we will be destroyed. ”

Like many religious figures who are prone to prophesying, Mr. Kerry's ability to perceive as a child was evident, "I have been passionate about the sea since I first dipped my toes in water." It is a remarkable insight that one's first, early childhood memories usually occur between the ages of three and three and a half, and memories do not appear until the age of five or six, as in more complex adults.

He described climate change in military terms, saying, "Climate change can now be considered another weapon of mass destruction, perhaps the most horrific weapon of mass destruction in the world." Yet when Russia invaded Ukraine and put the lives and well-being of millions at risk, the Tsar was more concerned about the effects of climate change than the cost of human life. This comment was not a contradictory one, but was consistent with his statement at a climate conference in 2009, "There are problems of war and peace. And then there are life and death issues like this that are no less morally compelling than war.

On the environment, Mr Kerry hated hypocrisy, "When we move away from global warming, Kyoto ... we send a terrible message of duplicity and hypocrisy." However, when criticized for his personal behavior in using a jet to win a climate award in Iceland, he offered a more flexible response, "If you offset your carbon, this is the only choice for someone like me who is traveling the world. Won the war. "

Climate change policy lowers living standards

Bjorn Lomborg of the Copenhagen Consensus Center studies the most effective options for achieving prosperity together with the environment, arguing that wealthy societies are better stewards of their surroundings. He noted that net zero carbon emissions, a feature of climate change policy, are costly and would push millions of people into poverty. A Bank of America survey shows that the program will cost $ 150 trillion over 30 years - more than double the GDP of all countries in the world. A McKinsey study found that it would cost every household in the United States $ 20,000 a year. Lomborg points out that electric cars are not affordable and will not save the planet.

Currently, the United States is experiencing the highest inflation rate in 40 years. Petrol prices have more than doubled since January 2020, yet the administration and climate change activists continue to thwart efforts to boost domestic petroleum production. Harris Poll, 69% of Americans, agreed that the Biden administration should reduce its focus on climate change and allow more oil and gas exploration in the United States.

Inflation hurts most Americans, but especially the lower and middle class. Intentionally endangering the most vulnerable person and refusing to accept humane solutions violates at least three of Roosevelt's four freedoms: deprivation, fear, and freedom of speech. Government policy driven by religious ideology is not a government response to the immediate needs of citizens.

Climate change is a religion

In 2015, Pope Francis published a document, Laudato Si ', the first Pope Encyclopaedia dedicated solely to environmental issues. The pope is not just an environmental crisis

An economic, scientific and political problem but also a moral and spiritual challenge. A year ago Climate Tsar Kerry met with the Pope, called for climate action and named Francis as one of the best voices on the climate crisis.

Climate change meets both Geertz's ethnographic and Judge Adams legal tests to qualify as a religion. The movement deals with the fundamental question of the sacred planet. Believers' passions are deeply held, pervasive, and nurtured and propagated by an array of organizations representing all aspects of society worldwide. True believers see climate change as a good versus a bad thing. The planetary threat is not theoretical, but realistic and personal. Religion worship is promoted by a network of teachers who spread its beliefs, practices, rituals, and practices.

Angry Religion

A 9 x 18 meter mural of Greta Thanberg, painted on the front of a building in San Francisco, looks down at the trial of city residents. His unhappy appearance is reminiscent of one of his most frequently quoted accusations against humanity, "You stole my dreams and my childhood with your empty words. We are at the beginning of a mass extinction and what you can tell is the story of money and eternal economic fairy tales." Growth - how dare you!

Mrs. Thanberg lives in Sweden, one of the happiest countries in the world, but why is she so unhappy? Communal reasoning alone cannot force non-believers to blindly accept evidence by authority, while it translates into less personal freedom and a decline in living standards. The mass movement for climate change supports capitalism, and its scriptures hinder rather than promote freedom. Skeptics suspect that special interests exploit ethical redistribution projects to enrich themselves. Hoffer mentions the true believer's hatred for those who do not acknowledge their truth, "what is important is arrogant gestures, complete disregard for the opinions of others, and disobedience of the single hand of the world."

Climate change: State religion

In violation of an established provision of the First Amendment to the Constitution, climate change has been established as the official religion of the United States. The 2022 federal budget proposes $ 36 billion to support religion efforts. While it is one's duty to advise prudence or to brand one as a heretic for raising fears about the harmful effects of these policies, it is one's duty to rely on measurable data in complete contrast to the doctrine of climate change in a free society:

Climate Tsar Kerry acknowledges that net zero emissions in the United States will not affect climate change. With the increase in atmospheric CO2 levels, crop production and global plant growth have increased No credible scientific body has said that climate change threatens the collapse of civilization or the threat of human extinction. Cold temperatures kill far more people than hot temperatures In the last 80 years, climate warners have failed to make accurate predictions Atmospheric CO2 and temperature levels have fluctuated widely and often unrelatedly over the past 600 million years.

Lombard's rational approach to climate change serves as a model for problem analysis and implementation of practical solutions. It relies on the economic well-being of people affected by uncensored, free-thinking and policy decisions, avoiding the religious fervor that cloudes judgment and encourages divisive behavior.

Warrior BrotherhoodThe federal news agency that broadcasts the US news had a long-term security flaw, the record shows

The post Crucified Freedom by “Religionization” of Climate Change appeared on the first CD media.


Elon Musk stands up for free speech, condemning Twitter

Tesla's Elon Musk tweeted in support of freedom of speech and questioned Twitter's "loyalty".

Musk asked his followers to vote "yes" or "no" in a vote that asked his users if the platform supported freedom of speech.

"Freedom of speech is essential for a functioning democracy," he said Tweet. "Do you believe that Twitter adheres strictly to this policy?"

As of Friday evening, more than 1.5 million people had voted. Approximately 70 percent of users voted "no" whereas only 30 percent voted "yes".

Mask added that the "consequences" of the tweet would be "significant".

"The outcome of this vote will be important," he said Says. "Please vote carefully."

On Thursday, Musk criticized Twitter's algorithm.

"I'm really concerned about the bias in the Twitter algorithm that is having a big impact on public speaking," he said. Tweet. "How do we know what's really going on?"

He also conducted a poll about the platform's algorithm.

"Twitter algorithm should be open source," asked Mask's "yes" or "no" poll.

More than 80 percent users Voted "Yes."

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has added his own thoughts.

"The choice of which algorithm to use (or not) should be open to all," Dorsey said. Tweet.

Conservatives are being attacked. Contact us on Twitter (415) 222-9670 and claim that Big Tech will be taken into account for mirroring the First Amendment. If you have been censored, please contact us at the Media Research Center Contact formAnd help us hold Big Tech accountable.