Commissioner ‘Cop-Out’: The NBA cannot engage in foreign relations with China

Adam SilverNBA Commissioner Adam Silver made the announcement on Thursday New York Times His league is not soft on China and denies allegations that it is blackballing critic and former player Anes Kanter Freedom. In terms of the league's action on both issues, its claims are low on the credibility meter.

Commissioner Silver said "virtually every major US company" is doing business with China and asked, "Why is the NBA being branded as a company that should boycott China now? It is very difficult for the league to practice foreign policy," Silver said.

China is the NBA's biggest market, and when people hired by the NBA team criticized that ruthless nation, it banned local broadcasting. That's how the NBA lost money by angering China. Former Houston general manager Daryl Moore, in 2019, advocated for independence in Hong Kong, and China shut down all NBA broadcasts that season. In 2021, Freedom launched a campaign against China and its human rights abuses, which led to a ban on Boston Celtics broadcasting in that country. The NBA knows that this will surely please its Chinese masters.

Silver also refused to acknowledge the League's hypocrisy in withdrawing from Russia and maintaining business dealings with China's communist dictatorship.

No one is asking the NBA to "practice foreign policy." It is an air ball coup-out. No one is asking the NBA to get involved in domestic policy, and it is doing so through its violent social justice activism and partisan politics. The problem is that the NBA views China's human rights abuses differently in order to protect a lucrative source of revenue. It benefits on principle.

Dylan Gwinn, who writes for Breitbart, said, "However, as a private business, the NBA does not need the US government to issue a boycott of China for the league so that they can move away from its dealings with the communist country."

The NBA "has found a place for itself as a Premier American Social Justice League in the last two years and has secured it in many ways," Gwyn wrote. "So if a league that claims to be the champion of human rights and justice earns millions of dollars a year doing business with the world's most infamous human rights and justice, why not increase it?"

For Independence, he joined Celtics as a free agent at the start of the current NBA season. Using Twitter, television interviews and designer basketball shoes, he has sharply criticized China. He demanded freedom for the slaves of Tibet and China. His playing time was reduced, and earlier this year, Boston traded him to Houston. The rocket quickly released him. His anti-China activism seems to have cost him his NBA career.

Silver says of Freedom: "We talked directly about his activities this season, and I made it very clear that he had a right to talk about what he was passionate about." Well, the works speak louder than words and he opposes the commissioner's remarks. Freedom said two men pressured him to shut up.

"Instead of advocating for me, I confronted the union that told me I should shut up and stop talking about human rights abuses in China," Freedom said.

"It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why I got less time to play and get released," Freedom commented. "But it is not right to talk and talk about human conscience."

Freedom was Portland's prime-time player last season, and the heinous treatment he received from the NBA this season points directly to blackballing. In fact, he has a much stronger case for blackballing than Colin Kepernick.


Gateway pundits Jim and Joe Huft will speak at the “Globalization Rising” conference

Around the world, with the rise of authoritarianism, individual freedom and liberty is being lost. Learn what is at stake in this unprecedented time and how to survive.

Tuesday, March 29, Honorable Michelle BachmannThe Dean of the Robertson School of Government will host The Rise of Global Government Conference from noon to 5:00 p.m.
The entire event will be promoted on the Globalism Rising webpage.

Gateway Pundit Jim Huff And Joe Huff The conference will present a timeline of growing authoritarianism over the past two years. You don't want to miss this!

* * * * * * * * * *

Rising globalism: the end of authoritarianism and civil liberties


March 29, 2022 / Noon - 5:00 pm ET

SPEAKER AND SCHEDULE - As of March 10, 2022

12:00 - 1:00 pm - Jim and Joe Huff (live in the studio)
The Huff Brothers, a top conservative website, publishes The Gateway Pundit, publishing 30-40 articles a day.
Subject: Sharing their information from archives, outlines the rise of authoritarianism in the last 2 years.

1:00 - 2:15 pm - Leo Homan and Dr. Michael Rectenwald (Studio Live)
Topic: Everyone will discuss the World Economic Forum (WEF) and then have a behind-the-scenes conversation about the WEF.

2:15 - 2:35 pm - Sen. Rand Paul (live via zoom)
Subject: From a senator's point of view, present the rise of global authoritarianism in the United States.

2:35 - 2:55 pm - Leo Homan and Dr. Michael Rectenwald (live in the studio)
Subject: Return for feedback and Q&A.

2:55 - 3:55 pm - Dr. Ed Hindson, Dean Emeritus, School of Divinity, Liberty University (Live via Zoom)
Subject: What does the Bible say about global authoritarianism and the rise of domination, or does it speak to global authoritarianism? From a biblical perspective and using Scriptural references, Scripture is a parallel to what is happening in our world today.

3:55 - 5:00 pm - Bill Federer (pre-recorded)
Subject: The Rise and History of Socialism, Fascism and Communism. How the government removes the authority of the authoritarian people and gives it to a centralized government.

Mark your calendar! It will be an amazing event.

Post Mark Your Calendars: Gateway Pundit Jim and Joe Huft will speak at the "Globalization Rising" conference at Regent University on Tuesday, March 29, from noon to 5 p.m.


The view imagines men secretly taking drugs with infertility pills

In a segment that would undoubtedly dismiss them if they were male, ABC's Kackling Coven Scene Part of their Friday conjuring session is spent imagining men being drugged with "a male contraceptive pill" that has "impressive results in lab rats" and has side effects of infertility. Of course, they took the criminal route. Women should be advised that the pills should be crushed and if their partners do not take it voluntarily, they should be kept in the diet.

For co-host Sarah Haynes (who has three children), it was about giving the men an ultimatum: "Offer their pill vs snip." "Why would men take it if they could take it from women," announced rotating co-host Anna Navarro.

"Until we start removing it from their plates and we continue to take responsibility and we don't teach our little ones and little boys that they have equal responsibilities," Navarro declared. “Listen, as long as they can run away without doing anything, they will. They don't even want to wear a condom for God's sake. "

Then came the discussion of side effects, and co-host Sunny Hostin finally revealed that infertility was one of them, to the delight of Haynes and co-host Joy Behar:

HOSTIN: So, they're more than traditional. Because it affects testosterone. It targets a protein, but it makes men temporarily infertile.

HAINES: Intertitle is OK! Then this is what you want.

Behar: That's what you want.

While some may fear that infertility was not temporary (or possibly other side effects), Houston announced that she was considering giving her son a pill but decided she wanted to be a grandmother:

I have to tell you when I first read this, I was like, 'I'm signing up for Gabriel.' I was, ‘It’s perfect. I am too young to be a grandma now. '


But then I saw infertility, and I was like, ‘I want grandma. No, thank you. ' I mean, I immediately thought, 'I don't want that.'

Talk about selfish and terrible.

After Houston conducted an "anecdotal survey of men in the audience" (none of whom would take the pill) and Navarro ridiculed "how confusing men are about family jewelry," Behr once again suggested that women should secretly use drugs. Don't want to take, like a dog:

Required: You know, Anna. How about this idea: You tear up a pill and keep it in their food as you would with a dog.

HOUSTIN: Yes. Yes.

Navarro: Dogs. They sell those pill pockets.

And to make the word something like Bill Cosby or Harvey Weinstein cooking, Behr stopped this part that men "Don't even know they're taking it and you just have a good time and you don't have to worry about anything."

This annoying part has been made possible by the lucrative sponsorship from Messi and Ole. Their contact information is attached.

Below the transcript, click "Expand" to read:

Of ABC Scene
March 25, 2022
11:25:10 East

Joy Behar: So the question in the 'yes, it could be' category is: Can men really start taking responsibility for birth control? Huh?

Sunny Hostin: Women are all laughing.

Sarah Haynes: When they start taking birth control in general, then yes.

Behar: Well, scientists have announced that they have developed a male contraceptive pill that is showing impressive results in lab rats. Now, men probably won't accept it, but it will probably reduce the rat population. So there's a win, of course in New York City!

HAINES: I think if you offer them pill vs snip, one person will accept it. I think men - vasectomy is not attractive to men.

Behar: I wonder why?

Anna Navarro: Why would men take it if they could take women?

HOSTIN: That problem.

Navarro: Until we start removing it from their plates and we continue to take responsibility and we don't teach our little ones and little boys that they have equal responsibilities. Listen, as long as they can run away without doing anything, they will. They don't even want to wear condoms for God's sake.

Behar: Although it is better than that. It's just a pill.

Houston: Okay, there are side effects.

Behar: Oh, is there? There is always a side effect.

HOUSTIN: So, the traditional methods of birth control pills that have been tried for men - the side effects are weight gain, depression and mood swings.

HAINES: Welcome to PMS.

Houston: Welcome to it, don't you?

Behar: and menopause.

HOSTIN: So, they're more than traditional. Because it affects testosterone. It targets a protein, but it also causes temporary infertility in men.

HAINES: Intertitle is OK! Then this is what you want.

Behar: That's what you want.

HOUSTIN: They don't want it. They don't want that.

Behar: Infertility is not without masculinity. Infertility does not mean you cannot have children. You know what impotence means.

HOUSTIN: They don't want it. I think they're going to be nervous-

Navarro: It's not temporary.

HOUSTIN: It's not temporary. I have to tell you when I first read this, I was, ‘I’m signing Gabriel [her son] Upstairs. ' I was, ‘It’s perfect. I am too young to be a grandma now. '

HAINES: But men don't want to be part of the baby. They are craving for sex.

Behar (to Houston): No, not you.

HOUSTIN: I'm the right creator. But then I saw infertility, and I was like, ‘I want grandma. No, thank you. ' I mean, I immediately thought, 'I don't want that.'


Navarro: You know how confused men are about family jewelry. The idea that it can affect fertility, heroism, what it looks like, its smell. They're not going to do it.

HOUSTIN: They're not going to do that.

Behar: They are creating the opposite reaction.

HAINES: Does an odor have side effects?

Behar: No, you are creating side effects.

HAINES: I don't get that close.

Navarro: Honey, you have three children.

HAINES: They weren't made here.

HOUSTIN: I want an anecdotal survey of men in the audience. How many of you would be interested in taking it? Yes! Yes! No one.

Navarro: Brian?

HAINES: Give them this option: We'll give you a vasectomy or we'll give you a pill.

Navarro: Brian. Brian. Brian, we're watching.

Brian Teta (Producer): I do what I'm told, I don't know.

HOUSTIN: See? No one. Take this.

HAINES: Although I disagree because the options for them are a condom that changes the experience, a vasectomy that makes them feel completely weak, or a pill that makes them feel bad.

Behar: You know, Anna. How about this idea: You tear up a pill and keep it in their food as you would with a dog.

HOUSTIN: Yes. Yes.

Navarro: Dogs. They sell those pill pockets.

Behar: They don't even know they're taking it and you're having a good time and you don't have to worry about anything. We'll be right back.


California is being destroyed by terrible laws – the Unity Project and others

California is being destroyed by insane, radical mandates. Fortunately, there are brave heroes who stand up against abuse.

California is being destroyed by bad laws and bad politicians. Leading the Unity Project are well-known doctors and business and civic leaders who have stood up against the insane laws that have come down in California.

The team mobilized all groups for the mandatory fight for vaccines in the state.

We are a group of concerned families, business leaders and other professionals who have recently joined together for the launch Unity project Covid-19 is already working tirelessly in this space, with the need to integrate efforts, resourcing, and expanding the best strategies of the most effective groups to support the integrated movement against the covid-19 baby vaccine.

The Unity project stands against the following:

Effectively forcing children under the age of five to be human shields, assuming vaccine-injury-risk despite statistically zero risk of COVID-19 for those who are healthy, so that adults can feel safe in comorbidities - what kind of society does that? At no time in history have we harmed children to protect adults.

Taking away the risk / benefit prudence from parents with a fancy vaccine for children, which, when healthy, has a statistically higher risk of seasonal flu than Covid-19.

Unreasonable, unscientific, top-down, one-size-fits-all blank mandate for healthy children that directly contradicts current evidence and data.

Dr. Malone and other respected doctors and medical experts are involved in this project.

This team of doctors and professionals came together to stand up against abuse.

Here is a sample of bad Senate and Assembly bills that violate human rights.

SB866 - Minors 12 years of age and older "may agree to their medical care and treatment without the consent of their parents or guardians."

SB1390 - Defines that individuals who have an opinion that the state considers harmful due to misinformation or misinformation can be judged. The law addresses "drugs or vaccines, false or misleading information about elections, and conspiracy theories."

SB1464 - “Authorizes each sheriff to carry out all orders of the state public health department or local health officer (non-elected officials).

AB1993 - "This bill would require an employer of every person who is an employee or independent contractor, and who is eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine, to show the employer or one of its authorized agents that the person has been vaccinated against COVID-19." In other words, no current COVID-19 vaccine works.

AB2098 - Medical Board may penalize physicians for misinformation regarding Covid-19. In other words, snatch their license.

SB871 - Prohibit students in public and private schools who have not been fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Below is a discussion of what California politicians are proposing.

Hat tip Bob Bishop

Post California is being destroyed by horrific laws - the Unity Project and others fighting for freedom for the people of California first appeared on The Gateway Pond.


PBS runs puff piece on Corey Bush’s ‘activism’ radical agenda

On Thursday, your tax dollars have been paid PBS News Hour From Selma to Montgomery to run a puff piece on Corey Bush, the radical Missouri Republican, on the 57th anniversary of March. During the profile, Bush will be compared to previous civil rights activists and praised for his support of the Black Lives Matter movement and the suspension of permanent evictions.

The piece was narrated by Washington's chief correspondent Geoff Bennett, who reported that "Michael Brown's police assassination sparked night protests in Ferguson that helped lead Bush, stimulated the Black Lives Matter movement and encouraged him and others to run for office."

If it was a serious job of journalism and not just a puff piece, Bennett would have asked Bush if the case officer had acted in self-defense, as confirmed by Eric Holder's judiciary, denying his description. Instead, he introduced his old MSNBC colleague and Princeton professor, Eddie Glaud Jr., "he says Bush follows a tradition of the civil rights movement." He then asks Gloud, "Historically, this hyphenate, this activist-politician role, how has it evolved over time and how has it evolved?"

Glaude replied, "Employees across the broad spectrum of your black politics came together to express a black agenda. And the result was this extraordinary increase in elections, or what we call BEO: black elected officials."

Later, during a 2016 sitting calling for a vote on gun control for Bennett, John Lewis highlighted leading House Democrats, noting that "Bush, who is currently in office for the first time, has shared Lewis' views."

Instead of gun control, the issue was rent, “This past August, about 11 million Americans were behind rent and at risk of losing their homes, the epidemic-related break was coming to an end. Bush said he knew the feeling from the beginning, as an unmarried mother who had been evicted three times. "

Bennett recalled that "Bush slept four nights on the steps of the US Capitol until the White House took action with a temporary extension of the eviction break. Now back to the steps, he reflected on what that meant.

Again, Bennett did not challenge Bush on whether the Supreme Court had stayed the stay or when, if ever, he would return to normal. Instead, Bennett portrayed Bush's stunt as a victory, "So once the president decides to extend the eviction stay, do you feel justified?"

Bush also ignored his final defeat, saying, "I think, you know, what we did was, the people have to win."

Towards the end of the piece, Gloud rejected the notion of any progress in the fight against racism, saying, "We often see the country engaged in this kind of linear progress towards a more perfect union. And this is not entirely true. It's always one step ahead, two, three steps back. "

To that end, Bennett sought to reduce Bush's unpopularity by saying, "In response to some criticism that the protest tactics only deviate from the law, Bush said he knows his constituents best ... and that the failure of traditional politics has brought him to Congress in the first place." "

While Democrats want to flee the defense, the police movement is being pushed by the people by Bush, Bennett wants to bring them back into the spotlight under the guise of mainstream activism and the fight against racism.

This segment is sponsored by viewers like you.

Here is a transcript for the March 24 show:

PBS News Hour


7:44 PM ET

Geoff Bennett: Michael Brown's police assassination sparked protests in Ferguson that helped Bush lead, stimulate the Black Lives Matter movement, and inspire him and others to run for office.

Eddie Glad Jr. They are not just moving away from direct action on the streets, they are actually trying to hold on to power.

Bennett [VOICEOVER]: Eddie Gloud Jr., chair of the Department of African-American Studies at Princeton University, says Bush follows a tradition of the civil rights movement.

Historically, this hyphenate, this activist-politician role, how has it been seen over time and how has it evolved?

GLOUD: Across the broad spectrum of your black politics, activists have come together to articulate a black agenda. And the result was this remarkable increase in elections, or what we call BEO: black elected officials.


Bennett: Bush, currently in his first term, says he shares Lewis' views.

Corey Bush: I'm pulling out of my toolbox as an organizer. What do you do You put yourself in the first line.

Bennett: This past August, about 11 million Americans were behind in rent and at risk of losing their homes, as the epidemic-related break was coming to an end. Bush said he knew the feeling from the beginning, as an unmarried mother who had been evicted three times.

Bush: It was like, okay, okay, we didn't get it done, so it's time to go. I don’t understand how people let this happen.

Bennett: He says he pulled a tactic from the toolbox of his role model, Shirley Chisholm, who was known for saying, "Bring a folding chair if they don't give you a seat at the table."

Bush: We need a moratorium on evictions today.

Bennett: Bush slept four nights on the steps of the U.S. Capitol until the White House entered with a temporary extension of the eviction break. Now back to the steps, he reflected what that meant.

So once the president decided to extend the eviction moratorium, did you feel proven?

Bush: Of course. Okay, I don't necessarily know if the word is "proven". I liked it very much. I feel like my muscles have grown a bit, because it shows that even though people say, you know, you can't do anything, you can't do anything, you have no power, you have no words, and that was unconventional. , I think, you know, what we did was, people have to win.


GLAUDE: We often find the country involved in this kind of linear progress towards a more perfect union. And this is not entirely true. It's always one step forward, two, three steps back.

Bush: If enough people don't want to focus on it, you can hear it from my mouth because I'm that person. I--

Bennett: In response to some criticism that protest tactics only distract from the law, Bush said he knows his constituents best.

Bush: The people of St. Louis elected me wearing a T-shirt and boots.

Bennett: And he says the failure of traditional politics has brought him to Congress.

Bush: There's a situation in St. Louis that needs to be addressed. It didn't happen overnight. But you've been here for a while and you haven't used your energy, your pin or your purse to be able to influence it. So, here I am. You raised me. If you don't like how I'm doing, you should have fixed it before Corey came here.

Bennett: A new generation of activists in politics, learning from past leaders and creating their own path to change. For PBS News HourI'm Geoff Bennett.


“There was blood, there were stains” – Flint fired the school board president

Daniel Green on the left, Laura McIntyre on the right

The Flint Board of Education held an emergency meeting Wednesday to oust the school board president after he physically assaulted the board's treasurer over control of এবং 150 million in federal and state covid assistance.

Earlier in the day, six board members voted unanimously to remove Daniel Green from the presidency, in a bid to attack board treasurer Laura McIntyre.

"A school board may meet if it does not comply with the requirements of the OMA (Open Meeting Act) notice if it becomes necessary to address a serious and impending threat to the health or well-being of the public." The building has been accused of insulting Treasurer McIntyre at an open meeting of President Green, and the board has called an emergency meeting to discuss how to keep board members and the public safe in an open meeting and to implement security or other appropriate measures, "said a statement from East Village Magazine. The report said, for an emergency meeting at the Accelerated Learning Academy.

The incident was witnessed by other members of the school board.

"It was a physical attack," Chris Dale Moron, who witnessed the event, said during the meeting, according to the report. "There was blood, there were wounds."

Another board member, Carol McIntosh, explained that she believed the attack was for money.

"It's control, big money, and those who get their hands on this dollar," McIntosh, who was promoted to vice president of the board, said during the meeting.

The victim, McIntyre, claimed that there was no argument before the attack.

"Daniel got up and committed the crime for something special that I said and had no idea about it. He walked around our staff secretary and pushed me and started threatening me with his finger. I stood back as he grabbed my neck and then grabbed my hair, pressed my head against the table and started punching me in the head, "McIntyre said." ... It was sure, unwanted and not completely inappropriate. It will not be done and we are taking action tonight. At that moment, I was shocked and amazed.

For his part, Green was not seen denying any of what the witness said and was present at the meeting where he was removed.

According to an ABC 12 report, Green said, "This is one of the highlights of my life, my career, my position in the community." Absolutely not. And that is a fact. "

The school district issued a statement addressing the violence, which reads as follows:

Clare McClinton, a resident of Flint, said during the hearing, "Flint community schools ... are at a crossroads ... you are accused of protecting and maintaining a public school system ... our students are out every day for less than what we hear." Is done ".

The Flint Police Department has confirmed to ABC 12 that a complaint has been filed, but they have not announced any charges against Green or McIntyre.

Gateway Pundit has reached out to the Flint Police Department for comment and will update this story if one is given.

The post "There was blood, there were wounds" - Flint fired after choking the school board president, punching the treasurer that could control $ 150 million seaweed aid first appeared on The Gateway Pundit.


CPAC speech from congressional members about the YouTube Sensor 2020 election

Update: A YouTube spokesperson has been provided Newsbuster With the following statement after removal:

"We have removed content from the CPAC channel in violation of our Electoral Integrity Policy, which prohibits content that falsely claims that widespread fraud has altered the outcome of the 2020 US presidential election, such as allegations that the election was rigged. Our policy applies to everyone regardless of the uploader's political views, and while we allow content that provides additional context such as countervailing views, we have removed content footage from this channel that did not provide adequate context. "

YouTube has removed hours of speeches from members of Congress that were live-streamed at last month's Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC).

Federalist The platform, which is owned by Google, has removed videos of speakers like former President Donald Trump discussing alleged Big Tech interference in the 2020 election. Speeches by delegates Andy Biggs (R-AZ) and Lauren Boebert (R-CO) were also reportedly removed.

Biggs says there is no notice of removal.

"The only notice we received from YouTube was that our videos were 'flagged' for 'misinformation,'" Biggs said on Twitter. Post. "No additional details were provided. We have appealed and recently learned that all our appeals have been 'rejected'."

Boebert also responded to the removal on Twitter.

"YouTube's censorship is completely out of hand," he said Tweet. "The whole two days of CPAC have just been torn from the website - including my speech."

CPAC chairman Matt Schlap condemned the decision, saying the agency's channel had received a "strike". Submission of a certain number may result in YouTube "strike" suspension or permanent ban.

"Whatever your personal beliefs and those of your superior leadership (not to mention your completely liberal bias), there are very serious questions about how the 2020 election was conducted. No matter how hard you try, deleting our content doesn't delete those questions. In fact, it is telling you that there is no evidence that your censored content is false, "Schlap wrote in a letter to Google. Britbert.

Rachel Boward – MRC Free Speech America Board Advisor and Senior Tech Columnist Federalist Shawn Davis, co-founder of the publication, and Sen. James Lankford (R-OK), whose part was also removed, told the publication that the removal was part of a pattern of censorship:

Within weeks, Big Tech platforms have banned speech by identifying biological men as men, removed a video of a U.S. senator criticizing them, banned a news service from streaming former President Trump's speech, and changed policy to call for assassination. No. They are against the Russians. These organizations represent the largest speech platforms in the world, and are actively seeking to change the culture of free speech in the United States. They are not afraid of their users, and they are not afraid of Congress. It's time to dump her. "

"In America, the people rule. Technology is not oppressive. Our self-government is becoming more and more urgent as we work," he added.

Conservatives are being attacked. Contact your local representative and claim that Big Tech will be responsible for reflecting the First Amendment while providing transparency, clarity about "hate speech" and equal action for conservatives. If you are censored, contact us using CensorTrack Contact formAnd help us hold Big Tech accountable.


“Guilt by the Association!” NYPD cop politically persecuted for befriending Roger

On January 6, protesters were reminded of the federal political repression that has engulfed the nation, with the NYPD taking responsibility for persecuting one of its own.

Sal Greco, a NYPD police officer, is currently on trial in an internal disciplinary trial for his involvement with Roger Stone, in a gloomy trial room at 1 Police Plaza, Lower Manhattan.

Check out our interview with Roger Stone here:

** Please help Sal ​​Greco here.

"This is a classic case of guilt by the association," said Roger Stone, who attended the hearing in NYC.

Greco, a 14-year-old NYPD officer, is at risk of losing his job as a NYPD police officer and his pension for befriending Roger Stone. According to a NYPD spokesman, police officers are not allowed to associate with convicted criminals.

Clearly, the NYPD does not realize that Roger Stone was pardoned by President Trump in 2020 for his 7 criminal charges.

Sal Greco, a 14-year-old NYPD officer.

"Roger was the victim of a corrupt and illegitimate witch hunt, which would go down as the greatest political crime in history. He could sleep well at night!" President Trump wrote in a post after apologizing to Stone for all the convictions.

"Stone is technically no longer a criminal," Ryan said. "President Trump has forgiven him. Clearly, the NYPD does not respect the President's pardon, the power granted to the President in Article 2 of the United States Constitution. Especially if it's an apology issued by President Trump. "

Greco has been charged with hanging out with Stone on January 7 and taking pictures outside the Willard Intercontinental Hotel with some members of Stone and Oath Keepers. He is also accused of acting as Stone's security guard, although he has no record of paying Greco for such services.

Greco's internal NYPD charges include "damages for departmental discipline and efficiency."

This past Wednesday, a NYPD internal affairs official took a stand for most of the day. His testimony was mainly presented to the judge with dozens of photos taken from Greco's social media in the presence of Roger Stone, as well as members of Proud Boys and Othkipar on January 6 and other events.

Part of the evidence in the case against Greco is a statement from FBI informant Joshua James, a sworn witness who is cooperating with the government's ongoing investigation into Jan. 6. The James collaboration has been described as "a big win for the judiciary" because Dani Hunt continues to convict Trump supporters as much as possible. According to the NYPD, James described Greco as "part of Stone's security team."

"James' testimony is not credible," said Tina Ryan Citizens against political oppression. "Everyone knows that if you work with the Fed you will say whatever they want to you in exchange for a humble sentence."

** Please help Sal ​​Greco here.

According to Stone, Greco is a hero who is being abused by the NYPD in a two-tier justice system. (See his full statement here.)

"The whole case seems to be one of the 'faults' of the association," Stone said. "Sal Greco is a hero. This is an officer who has a perfect record of serving the people of New York for fourteen years in a graveyard shift in one of the most dangerous areas in the country ... and his revenge is to take away his pension which he has given for fourteen years. ? "

He continued:

"He is being considered for the cancellation and loss of his pension, mainly because he is a supporter of President Trump and a friend of mine. He never gave me security, he is my friend. Yes, he was with me on January 5th. None of us were at the Capitol on January 6 or we know anything about it. "

Help Sal ​​Greco here.

Mark Claxton, director of the Black Law Enforcement Alliance, said action against Greco was "appropriate and necessary, albeit belatedly."

Claxton, a retired NYPD detective, said: "It's imperative that the department be held accountable if any of its work contributes or supports the organizers of the January 6 uprising or event." "Since the Capitol police officers have been seriously injured and some have died, the wider law enforcement community expects full accountability. PO Greco's NYPD colleagues deserve reassurance that he can be trusted to abide by the rule of law and act accordingly. "

To straighten out the record and correct the confused Mr. Claxton, no police officer was killed on Jan. 6. The opposite police officers killed protesters on January 6.

"The NYPD wants to fire a good cop with a spotless record for befriending Roger Stone and taking pictures with him on January 6," Ryan said. Citizens against political oppression. “But you have the Capitol Police Officer and the DC Metro Police who killed Trump supporters on January 6 who are not being disciplined! Talk about a two-tier system of justice, even within the police force. ”

"In the wake of the crime, we're spending valuable police resources investigating and trying to prove that Officer Salvatore Greco socialized in an unpaid capacity with Trump adviser and" No R a Fallen "Roger Stone," said Newsmax host John Tabako. "It's a complete waste of taxpayer funds that is going to make New York City's streets safer again."

Stone also accused The New York Daily News of writing an immoral hit on his friend. Stone said he sent The Daily News clear answers to their questions about Greco but never used them in the story.

"What I told them would completely blow up the false narratives created in their fake news stories," Stone said. "The Daily News has chosen to be secretive and dishonest in reporting on this."

He continued:

"If we don't learn anything from Donald Trump's years as president, then things like fairness, due process and truth are completely irrelevant to corporate and social media propagandists who act as spokesmen for the Democratic Party and its extremists. They are using cheap Inuendo and 'guilt by association' to potentially destroy this patriot's career for the unforgivable sin of being my friend, subjecting this dedicated officer of law to their latest politically-motivated witch hunt. "

Help Sal ​​Greco here.

There is a set precedent in the history of this NYPD charge Mayor Eric Adams boasts in his memoirs that he protected Mike Tyson, a convicted felon, when he was a police captain. Adams was investigated by internal affairs but not punished by the NYPD. Will the same thing happen to Officer Sal Greco?

"Mayor Adams wrote in his book that he protected Mike Tyson, a convicted felon, when he was a police captain," Stone said. "Now they say Mr Greco has given me security. That's not right either, but he's got me hooked. They argue that I am a convicted felon. Well there are one or two values? They investigated Adams - he was cleared. He began his career at the NYPD তিনি he became mayor. So why is Greco not being kept to the same standard? Do we have a value or do we have two levels of judgment?

"It's a well-known fact that police make friends with people who are guilty of getting tips on the street," said a police officer who declined to be named for fear of losing his job. "The line is blurry. As far as I know it's not a rule to apply in practice."

If not, of course, you are a vocal Trump supporter.

* We contacted NYPD internal affairs for comment and received no response. Greco's next hearing is scheduled for March 29. Greco is expected to take the position. Help Sal ​​Greco here.


Cara Castronuova is the co-founder of the CAPP (Citizens Against Political Persecution and The People's January 6th Commission). He is an activist, investigative journalist, 2-time boxing champion, celebrity fitness instructor and television personality. You can see him on NewsP0M1 EST every Saturday night on "Wiseguys". You can follow him Twitter or Instagram @ Karakastronuva. He is currently banned from Facebook and has sued them for defamation of character. You can contact him through the website Want to be a volunteer Phil 4:13.

Post "Guilty by the Union!" NYPD cop Roger Stone politically persecuted for befriending and supporting President Trump - "This is a two tier justice system!" Video Interview! Gateway Pandit first appeared.


Sally Fields is so obsessed with pro-lifeers that she can physically attack them.

In a recent interview with the Hollywood Outlet Variety, the Academy Award-winning actress even hinted that she could take physical revenge on various Republican lawmakers who are pro-life.

Yes, he is very upset with the people who are saving innocent future lives.

Fields seemed to have made the most extreme explanation possible for these pro-life lawmakers during the interview. He said he believed that "those who are doing it and they are mostly male governors who are doing it are very backward, so ignorant and really hungry for power."

Um, right? Is it to save innocent children from being killed, backward, ignorant and hungry for power? Anyone with a conscience knows that Fields seems to be "backwards" here. He seems to be a general leftist who completely ignores the plight of the unborn child and focuses on what lawmakers say "no" to. Thus, they are oppressive.

This is the definition of a bad faith argument.

Fields continues with his unwavering vision, "I think it's criminal. They want to achieve for women, for blacks, for the LGBTQ community and bring back significant advances."

Again, how are your children's progress being killed? This is a deception for the minority community. And another question for the declining, science-minded left: How do they square off abortion with a Darwinian, evolutionary understanding of biology? Killing one's own baby is not progress for any species.

They can't. But no one should say "no" to a woman. You can't kill your baby. It's his right, damn it!

Sadly these beliefs are the same for leftists, especially for hyper-emotional Hollywood. Where it changed significantly was when Fields expressed his hatred for Republican lawmakers, particularly Governor Ron Desantis (R-FL) and Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX), to the point of thinking of hitting them.

"I can't say enough terrible things about how I feel about those men," he added. No. I will. "

Fields then turned to his preacher during the conversation and said, "Heidi, can you hear me? Take me away."

Well, Fields is crazy. The flat truth here is that she is so mad that abortions in these states will not be so frequent that she may become violent in it.

Despite her public hatred, we must make sure to pray for Mrs. Fields. According to, the actress complained that she was sexually abused as a child by her stepfather and then had an abortion at the age of seventeen. Perhaps all this sadness and pain is coloring his mental state in this matter.


Republican Darrell Isa sends notices to White House, Big Tech and Intel

Republican leader Darrell Isa has submitted a preservation notice to members of the intelligence community who have claimed that Hunter Biden's laptop is from Russia and not from hell.

Brittbert reported Thursday evening that Republicans in Congress are preparing to win the U.S. House and, after doing so, are investigating the coverup of the Hunter Biden laptop from Hell.

Congressman Darrell Isa (R-CA) has filed notices with 12 people from the intelligence community, the White House, Facebook and Twitter - as Republicans in Congress prepare to regain a majority and investigate electoral interference. "Laptop from Hell" series in October 2020.

Rep. Isa claims former DNA boss James Clapper, former CIA boss Michael Hayden, former defense secretary Leon Panetta, former CIA chief John Brennan, former CIA aide Nick Shapiro, White House press secretary Jane Sackie, White House Chike. Klein, White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Meta Communications Director Andy Stone, former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and current Twitter CEO Parag Agarwal were involved in the New York Post's bombing of Hunter. According to an exclusive letter from Britbert News, Biden Laptop will lead the 2020 presidential election.

Just before the November 2020 election, we got information from laptops from hell. We gave this information first and it was disgusting. We've shown countless items that Biden was covering Hunter for activities taken with a member of his family.

Breaking Exclusive: Text messages show VP Biden and his wife teamed up with a certain juvenile to suppress poaching activities

It was scratching the surface of what was on Hunter's laptop from Hell. We were attacked by Big Tech for censoring and downing at least one Twitter account.

The post Republican Darrell Isa sends notices to White House, Big Tech and Intel community to keep all records related to Hunter's laptop from hell