Part III of Independent Mesa Co., CO finally provides forensic examination report

100 Percent Fed Up Report – This morning, Mike Lindell appeared in Steve Bannon’s War Room where he revealed that the third part of the Mesa County Independent Forensic Report, the Colorado Dominion Vote Tabular (now under the direction of now dismissed County Clerk Tina Peters) is available. (See here.) The report was created by Doug Gold, Chief Technical Officer of the Cyber ​​Team US. Gold is an expert in cyber security with over 40 years of experience. He retired from AT&T after 31 years, where he served as chief cyber security strategist.

Mr Lindell told War Room host Steve Bannon that his team of lawyers would use the new evidence to get preliminary orders in individual states “to shut down their machines.” Mike told Steve that they would start with seven states, although he did not name the states.

Watch the interview here, which starts at 7:10 p.m. Symbol:

Doug Gold’s report summarizes the original findings: Forensic tests have shown that numerous logfiles have been deleted or overwritten. The effectiveness of these logfiles and the need to restructure events in the voting system, and the information provided by legal advice, should, of course, be preserved by law.

These statutory requirements establish that voting systems must be created and maintained,
The ability to set and reproduce election management terms and details using these systems, everyone’s logfiles
System functions, including normal activity, connectivity, file and data access, operator- and auto-processing,
And error. Logfiles are important for the ability to detect malicious operations, including the ability to detect malicious
Intrusions as well as other inappropriate activities and changes to the terms and configuration that may change
The actual vote count.

Assuming this information to be accurate, this forensic examination showed that a significant number of them
Requirements were not met. This experiment further found that critical logfiles were destroyed. This
Destruction is not incidental or minor but widespread.

The purpose of this preliminary report is to document these findings and to present preliminary evidence
Unacceptable behavior and system errors required for major selection are revealed by the tested image
Official for the fulfillment of its statutory obligations. The results of the data and the results support the conclusions that:

1) Selection-related data must be clearly stored, as specified in the 2002 VS criteria
This clause has been destroyed and in violation of federal and state laws
2) Due to non-compliance with the 2002 VS requirements, this voting system and with it
Vendor-paid, Colorado Secretary of State-approved procedures cannot meet certification
Colorado State requirements, and should not be certified for use in the state.

Extensive investigations are needed to determine if these complex failures raceult Malicious intent
Or negligence, and how compromised systems may be or suffer unauthorized access or
Selection before use, during and after operation. That extensive investigation is beyond the scope of this report.

Multiple multibillion-dollar lawsuits have been filed against multiple news outlets and individuals who spoke out against the possibility of voter fraud through third-party voting machines in the November 2020 elections. Since the lawsuit was filed by Smartmatic and Dominion, news outlets have refused to cover any new developments unveiled by Mike Lindell and IT experts on the issue for fear of losing their networks, publications and eventually their livelihoods.

On March 9, Forbes reported that voting company Smartmatic’s defamation lawsuit against Fox News could go ahead কিন্তু but could not challenge other defendants, including Sidney Powell-a judge ruled Tuesday that Smartmatic and Dominion voting systems had 11 counts of unfounded electoral fraud. Has filed a defamation suit. Their voting machine.

Despite threats against him, Mike Lindell, CEO of the successful and beloved My Pillow, never gave up in his fight to expose voter fraud in the November 2020 election, in fact, he has doubled down on making frank speeches that give Mike and other conservatives. The voice of the power to speak freely about the issues that Americans think about without fear of reprisals.

Mike is not alone in his belief that the November election was rigged – a recent Axios poll showed that only a slim majority (55%) acknowledged that Joe Biden had legitimately won the 2020 election.

So why are voting machine companies so desperate to shut down, like Mike Lindell who is simply asking if they have nothing to hide, why not allow them to inspect the machines used in the November 2020 election?

Here are some of Mr. Gold’s incredible accomplishments that the media will try to humiliate and destroy in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1:

US Doug Gold, Chief Technical Officer of the Cyber ​​Team

The main forensic case

6 1986 – Release of national security information
Discovered a leak of highly classified information and was able to identify the culprit in a group of 15 people. The FBI and the US Naval Investigative Service have come up with a solution.
• Early 1990s – US Secret Service investigation, “Mothers of Doom” hacker case
At the USSS Evidence Lab, USS SA, in response to Jack Lewis’ request for assistance, recovered evidence and identified 800 pages of evidence, dismissing the immunity of the suspect’s testimony at a proforma session.
Late 1990 – Interpath, a North Carolina Internet Service Provider (ISP)
This ISP is a Level-1 (top level) provider infected with Stacheldrat malware. The Live (running) server investigates and detects that all evidence on the disk has been removed. The only remaining evidence was a running program in memory, which was recovered. This case has changed the best practice of forensics – and is not necessarily the first step in removing the power. If that was done, there would be no evidence in this case.
দিকে In the late 1990’s – as senior security administrator at the U.S. EPA, the White House investigated allegations of computer intrusion and discovered an international attack involving 4 countries. The FBI, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Scotland Yard and Deutsche Bundepost have been arrested in Germany for tracking an intruder in a live investigation.
• SOUTH CAROLINA – A public works supervisor accused of violating county policy has been fired and charged. A forensic investigation found 4 3 ”thick binders of evidence of sexual misconduct. Countersuit rejected.
পরিকল্পনা Al Qaeda plans to target US soil. Working with the FBI, the criminal, who was a foreign national in the United States. He was arrested within 48 hours and the attack was foiled.
• In the mid-2000s – Florida v. Rabinovis – in a case where drug possession was the only element of evidence, provided that the ban was authentic and current. I have forensically proved that the accused was not technically in possession of the evidence and that evidence was planted. An expert is qualified as a witness and has provided expert testimony in this case.
• Mid-2000s – Forensic analysis involves the detection of a national security leak from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory involving chemical weapons data and the identification of the culprit. DSS responds and resolves the case.
• Mid-2000s – An investigation into the sabotage of a healthcare contractor. The system administrator has been fired and the system has been sabotaged. After resolving the case, the administrator went to jail.
Forensic Instructor
ফর Forensic and advance forensic techniques are taught to state law enforcement, military and major corporate clients at the World Institute for Security Enhancement.
সার্ভ Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) courses for government and industry are taught at the World Institute for Security Enhancement.
লিখে Wrote the entire course and taught the entire CISSP curriculum on competent information systems.

As a disclaimer, 100 percent Fed Up and Gateway Pundit cannot confirm Mr. Gold’s forensic test results..

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