Pelosi PAC claims ‘CNN Just Revealed’ Rubio ‘in danger of losing’ (not true)

About six weeks ago, I received a fundraising email from Nancy Pelosi Pact at Future PAC entitled “MSNBC (Shocking Announcement)”. Republicans are about to end democracy … according to MSNBC historian Michael Beshlos.

On Friday the same Pelosi sent a cash pitch titled PACCNN has just admitted, ” And it started:

Tim, I can’t believe my eyes.

CNN reveals the most risky Republican Senate seat in this election:

– Marco Rubio is in danger now Lost His seat in Florida
– Ron Johnson is in danger now Lost His seat in Wisconsin

Do you understand what that means, Tim?

If Democrats work to flip these two Senate seats, Mitch McConnell’s hopes of a Senate recovery will fade in an instant. I’m launching an immediate response for Democrats to take advantage of this amazing swing.

So let’s try to verify a fact: When did CNN discuss the danger of losing Rubio? After all, the Real Clear Politics poll averaged nine points ahead of Democrat Val Demings in Rubio, and the last poll was +12. (Ron Johnson has a tough gap.) Where’s this “amazing swing” toward Democrats?

– Search for transcript found in Nexis database Nothing was publicized last week.

– A look at our Snapstream closed captions came to CNN ten days ago discussing Rubio – in a light-hearted discussion of the Daylight Standard Time Act.

– In early March, Rubio gave Jack Tapper two interviews about the Ukraine invasion, and his alleged weakness in the election never came to light.

Maybe it’s on All right, yes. CNN posted an article on February 3 – which means “just posted” somehow translates to “seven weeks ago”. Its title was 10 Senate seats most likely to flip in 2022 Ron Johnson was also on the list But wait, how does CNN claim he’s “in danger of losing” when he’s nine points up?

GOP Sen Marco Rubio is running for a third term in a state Recently in favor of Republicans. (Trump carries it by 3 points in 2020.) That means He started out as a favorite, But Democratic Republican Val Demings, a rival of Biden’s running mate, was an impressive fundraiser. He raised nearly $ 7.2 million in the fourth quarter – more than Rubio’s $ 5.2 million, although he ended up with more cash in 2021. Demings will need money to introduce themselves across the state across the expensive media market.

“Starting as a choice” doesn’t sound like much of a “risk of losing.”

Is there another ridiculous point here? CNNO posted this list last December – with the same ten races in the same order. And posted in September – the same ten races, slightly different order. And posted in July – the same ten races, in a slightly different order. And posted in May – the same ten races, slightly different order. One might think that this is like recommending a “just cooked” hot dog from last Memorial Day.

In mid-December, New York Times Reporter Maggie Astor warned that these disgusting Republicans are more likely to send “incorrect information” to their political emails than Democrats. This Pelosi PAC is really expanding the reality about Rubio.

Below is a screencap:

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