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Arkansas – At least 24 people were shot Saturday night at a car show about 90 miles from Little Rock.

Six children were among the injured, ABC reported.

Police believe the shots were gang-related and not random.

One person was killed, police said.

ABC reports:

At least 24 people, including children, were shot dead at a car show in rural Arkansas on Saturday night. At least one person was killed, police said.

The shooting took place in Dumas, about 90 miles southeast of Little Rock, at 7:30 pm local time, Arkansas State Police said.

Dumas Police Chief Keith Finch told ABC News that children were among those injured in the shooting, but did not specify the exact number. Organizers told ABC News that six children had been injured but were “OK”.

Preliminary information indicates that the shooting was the result of a gang-related fight that spread to a public area and was not a random act. Detectives are continuing their investigation, a law enforcement official told ABC News about the investigation.

Finch said police had one person interested in custody but were still investigating whether more people could be involved.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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