Politico has tagged Stephen Miller as a ‘lie’ to ridicule the word orange Harris salad.

Democrats, disguised as politicians, have not verified anything with Vice President Kamala Harris for eight months, but they have thrown a “false” flag at former Trump adviser Stephen, demonstrating their princess-and-the-paw-level sensitivities. Miller on Monday for mocking Harris on Fox Sunday Morning Future.

On his Europe tour, Harris acted strangely to answer questions at a joint news conference. With Polish President Andrzej Dudar, they were asked two questions at once, and he tried to back off at first, then laughed strangely (in a question about Ukrainian refugees). With Romanian President Klaus Johannes, he was asked the same question, and again tried to push back the answer (about the price of gas).

Fox host Maria Baritoromo made a clip: “When asked about the price of gasoline, Kamala Harris really has no answer. See how she reacts.” Fact check? True, his answer was a word salad.

Miller: It was a heartbreaking moment. He was asked about gasoline prices and inflation in the US, and he tried to push back Polish President Duda. It is really frightening to think that the Vice President of the United States does not have so much confidence in our internal affairs that he wants the President of Poland to discuss our gas prices and our inflation. And then he started fidgeting about the Black Sea and started reading his notes. These are not good people. Between President Biden and Vice President Harris, the United States is completely radar-free.

Politifact’s Jeff Sarkon concludes:

Our rule

Miller said Vice President Kamala Harris tried to push the Polish president back when asked about high gas prices in the United States.

In both cases there is a complete digestive tract. Harris was speaking at a joint news conference with the Romanian president, not the Polish president. And the video clip played before Miller’s critique edited the first part of the question to Iohannis. The two leaders took a break to decide who would answer first, not because Harris wanted to answer about US gas prices.

We rated this claim false.

At first, it is true that Miller mistakenly quoted the European president, but it is clear from the video that Harris tried to oust the Romanian leader. You go first!

But as always, the real problem is electoral bias. Why is this little flube in a video clip worth verifying? PolitiFact rarely checks CNN or MSNBC shows (because they are all liberal). Last week, a guest, Rachel Maddor, told an embarrassing lie to alternative host Ali Welsh that “Hitler did not kill ethnic Germans,” which was corrected by the people at the Auschwitz Memorial, but Politifact failed to detect the viral clip.

It seems obvious that Politifact is trying to tarnish Fox News as a misinformation channel and control the loss of this bizarre Harris performance in front of the press. They also failed to question Harris Flub, who misrepresented that Ukraine is a member of the NATO alliance:

As vice-president, Harris has only four fact checks in 14 months: two “mostly true”, one “mostly false” and one “false.” But there are nine fact checks Related Harris, and none of them were “true” or “mostly true” or even “half true.” Five of them have been rated “Pants on Fire”. Like the vast majority of Democrats, Harris has never been rated “pants on fire.”

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