Politicoft double-blast GOP ‘lies’ in defense of Senator Blackburn Ketanzi

Politico’s Democrat-backed “fact checker” slapped Tennessee Conservative Sen. Marsha Blackburn on Tuesday with two negative verdicts, and Ketanji jumped into Brown Jackson’s defense.

At first, Tom Carters rated Blackburn as “false” and said in a headline that he “WrongCriticism of Criminal Theory of the Penal Code, quoted by Jackson.

Our rule

Blackburn claims that Jackson gave a lecture in 2015 on “critical race theory” as one of the elements to consider when making decisions on the bench.

Jackson was talking about sentencing policy, not how judges decide on the bench. He said the policy of sentencing is interesting at the intellectual level because it “combines countless kinds of laws,” as well as critical racial theories, negotiations and treaties.

We evaluate Blackburn’s statement False.

Huh? Isn’t sentencing an important part of a judge’s decision? Clearly, the alleged humility in Judge Jackson’s sentencing is an important part of this hearing. It was a passage, as Carteser quotes:

“I also try to convince my students that punishment at the intellectual level is fun, partly because it Combines countless types of laws – criminal law, of course, but administrative law, constitutional law, critical ethnography, discussion And, to some extent, even agreements. “

Clearly, Blackburn was right that Jackson spoke of CRT as “an element of consideration” on the bench.

Another “fact check” came from Amy Sherman, who tagged Blackburn as “Mostly Falls” for the release of cove-triggered prisoners.

At the outset of the COVID-19 epidemic, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson suggested that “every offender in DC Amendment custody should be released.”

In fact, Blackburn accurately quoted Jackson:

“The Kovid-19 epidemic puts the risk of a clear increase in the number of people detained at the district correctional facility. Reasonably advises that every criminal who is currently in DC DOC custody – and who cannot thus take independent action to control their own health and keep themselves away from others – should be released. ” Jackson writes.

Sherman accused Blackburn of cherry-picking, as Blackburn created the memo: “If you got your way, it would get 1,500 criminals back on the streets.”

Jackson went on to lament “the unfortunate current situation is that the judiciary is limited to measures that it can respond to legitimate and pressured COVID-19-related concerns that have raised countless defense counsels,” but they also need to consider flight risks and community hazards.

Sherman cited a report from the Congressional Research Service that highlighted to detainees that Jackson had ruled against the release and concluded:

Blackburn’s statement Suggests That Jackson released all the prisoners who came before his sum and that is wrong.

Jackson denied some detainees’ requests for release and granted others, considering the possibility of re-offending them and whether they would comply with the conditions of release.

We rate this statement Mostly false.

In other words, Sherman is responding to Blackburn’s spin not only with information, but also with counterspin about what he “advised”. Blackburn’s spin is Jackson Wanted To release them all, he is not Did Release them all.

Public records do not currently have a zero-sum evaluation of Judge Jackson’s statements, but Blackburn received a hack attack on the back. For the record, four Democrat senators still have zero fact checks in Politifact: Tom Carper, Martin Henrik, Maggie Hirono and Ben Ray Luzan.

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