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Posted: March 16, 2022 12:01 AM

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There is no substitute for American power. When America’s enemies find weakness, they push. And today, America’s enemies are finding weakness in almost every corner. Vladimir Lenin presumably stated that his preferred foreign policy strategy was to “investigate with a bayonet: if you find a mosquito, you will push it. If you find steel, you withdraw it.” Vladimir Putin followed the same strategy. This week, as his forces fired on Kiev and beat Kharkiv, Putin moved east. He has attacked Ukrainian targets near the Polish border, threatening to attack NATO members. He has continued his supply of natural gas and oil to hold Europe hostage. As the West sends more weapons, including enough MiGs, to repel Russian aggression, its foreign policy apparatus continues to threaten the possibility of a larger war. He has reached out to China for support. And he has exploited America’s over-ambitions for a nuclear deal with Iran to push for American concessions to avoid sanctions. All of Putin’s pressures have met with mixed reactions. West Cer’s shipment continues …

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