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(Moscow, Russia) – Russia said on Saturday it had used hypersonic missiles to destroy Ukraine’s military assets, the first time it has acknowledged using such weapons in the Moscow war.

Russia’s Defense Ministry said in an operational update on March 19 that it had destroyed a large underground storage facility for missiles and aircraft ammunition in the Ivano-Frankovsk region of Ukraine on Friday, using missiles that could travel at five times the speed of sound.

A spokesman for the ministry, Igor Konashenkov, said the strike used Kinzhal aviation missile systems, including hypersonic ballistic missiles.

Konashenkov added that as of Saturday, Russian forces had destroyed 196 Ukrainian drones, 1,438 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 145 multiple launch rocket systems, 556 field artillery and mortars and 1,237 special military vehicles.

‘Indiscriminate use of fire power’
On Saturday, the Ukrainian military announced further attacks on Russian forces, claiming that at least 14,400 Russian soldiers had been killed so far in the fighting.

Ukraine’s General Staff said at least 1,470 Russian armored personnel carriers, 914 vehicles, 466 tanks, 115 helicopters, 95 aircraft and 17 drones had been destroyed.

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