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Matt Ryan is the Colts’ new starting quarterback where the Colts will soon be sending a 2022 third-round pick to the Atlanta Falcons in exchange for the 37-year-old Boston College Alum. Looks like finally, the Colts 2022 off-season could officially begin. The week of waiting, arguing, speculation over who will be at the center of Colts is over and maybe now GM Chris Ballard can start checking a few of the many other boxes on the to-do list.

We still have no answer as to who will block Matt Ryan’s blind side in the left tackle, who will take the pass from him (Julio Jones paging), who will start the tight end and who will be able to add to the defensive side. There are many questions and there are not many answers yet. The lack of knowledge about who was going to be the starting quarterback of the team probably hampered the Colts in free agency. Why would anyone want to sign up for a team that doesn’t seem to have directions yet? Of course, money speaks volumes, but so does organizational stability.

The Colts have missed out on some potential big-name weapons for Matt Ryan, who could also be acquired through trade, Ala Amari Cooper and Robert Woods. The Free Agent Wide Receiver Group has been selected quite well at the moment out of the likes of Julio Jones mentioned earlier who is 33 years old and suffering from 2021 season injury. He was a former go-to guy for Matt Ryan when they were together at the Falcons so he could prove a team-friendly deal. With the exception of Jones, Jarvis Laundry and Jamison Crowder have a pretty steep drop-off on the wide receiver before. There must be depth in the tight end but it depends on whether Ballard and the company want to dip their toes into that pond.

The same goes for left tackle. Taron Armstad remains there and is the best available in the position. In terms of draft picks, Colt currently has 7 draft picks in the April NFL Draft. After sending one of their third-round picks to Atlanta (No. 82 overall), the Colts are top-draft picks in the second round (No. 42 overall) and their next round is not until the third round (No. 82). 73). How much lifting will Chris Ballard and Frank Rich rely on from the 2022 draft class? How much they can accomplish with what is left of the free agent market. Quarterbacks have made it a lot harder for themselves to play the waiting game as they fall around the Domino League but in the end, they have the answer in the quarterbacks for the next few seasons. With this, they can finally start their off-season.

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