Rapper Young Thug’s baby Mama shot dead in a bowling ball fight – Indy

Young Thug, Lakvia Jackson

The mother of rapper Young Thag’s child was killed late Thursday night after fighting for a bowling ball in Atlanta.

Lakvia Jackson, 31, was celebrating her birthday in a bowling alley at the Southwest Atlanta Metro Fun Center on Thursday night when she fought for a bowling ball.

According to reports, the gunman left the bowling alley after a fight and waited in the parking lot for 20 minutes to get out of Jackson.

Atlanta police have taken an unidentified man into custody, but the name of the suspect has not yet been released.

Fox 5 Atlanta reports:

A young woman shot dead in Atlanta after a fight for a bowling ball on Thursday evening has been identified as Lakevia Jackson, who has a son by well-known rapper Young Thug.

Jackson’s family called the shooting “stupid” and said they were having a hard time being involved in his death during an outing to celebrate life.

“She was celebrating her birthday at Bowling Alley with a very close family friend,” said mother Sherina Jackson.

The 31-year-old mother was at the Metro Fun Center, a shopping center on the 1900 block of the Southwest Atlanta Metropolitan Parkway. His mother said they were bowling when a second team came and started taking their place, arguing about a bowling ball shortly after 11:30 p.m.

Atlanta Homicide Commander Ralph Wolfok did not downplay the words, calling them “really a atrocity.”

The gunman left bowling alley and waited in the parking lot for 20 minutes for Jackson to come out.

More from Fox 5 Atlanta:

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