Responding to allegations that the constitution is a ‘trash’ – Indy News

Nowadays all sorts of ridiculous things are said against America, the pledge of allegiance, the flag and our history. Now, a leftist reporter has called the constitution a “trash.” It should be discarded and replaced with something “more inclusive” “The constitution is a kind of rubbish,” Eli Mistal, The Nation’s “justice correspondent,” recently told The View. It was not a passing confusion. At another outlet, a journalist asked him, “[A]Are you arguing that the constitution needs to be repealed altogether? ” He replied: “Of course – but I do not think it will happen. For example, if we can get rid of it and start with a new document that includes more for everyone, which was written by everyone – there is no black man, brown man or woman in the constitution at any time to write a constitution or amendment – if We can throw it away and put a delegation of all Americans to write a new one, but I’ll be there for him. ” The most durable government document in history, creating the most freedom for most people in the world, is “garbage”? What sacrifices they have made for us, for their successors. In the Declaration of Independence, on which the Constitution is foretold, the founders declared their commitment, with God’s help, To commit to “life, our destiny and our sacred honor” …

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