Santa Barbara, California may declare Chic-Phil-A a “public nuisance”

The Christian-owned restaurant, Chick-fil-A, in Santa Barbara City, California, is considering declaring it a “public nuisance,” as long drive-through lines lead to nearby roads, causing traffic problems.

According to the city, “there is a lasting adverse traffic effect due to the operation of the drive-through restaurant facility.”

The Santa Barbara City Council began a public hearing on March 1 and will continue until June 7.

Fox 5 San Diego reports:

A city in California is considering declaring Drive-Through a public nuisance in its local Chic-Phil – not because people dislike it, but because they seem to like it too much.

Over the past few years, Santa Barbara has said it has received a number of complaints about vehicles on drive-through lines on nearby roads, causing traffic problems, including collisions and cyclist safety issues.

“State Street is one of the most important streets in the city for the movement of people and goods,” Derrick Bailey, the city’s transportation engineer, told the Santa Barbara Press News earlier this month. “This was not intended to work with significant blockades.”

On weekdays, cars lined up for drive-through in Chick-fil could block a lane on State Street for up to 91 minutes, according to a report by the city’s Public Works Department. This number increases to 155 minutes on the weekends.

“They are so successful, they have surpassed their site. It’s possible they were oversized to get started with the site, “said Kristen Schneiden, a member of the SB Press-News Council.

For now, the City Council has suspended the harassment title and given Chick-fil-A until June 7, additional time to find and present a solution.

However, if the city council is unhappy, and declares the restaurant a public nuisance, Chick-fil-A may lose its inconsistent use status for drive-through convenience.

“On behalf of me, Chick-fil-A and many members of the team, we are deeply sorry that this traffic situation has come to this stage and would like to work sincerely with the City to resolve this issue once and for all.” Travis Collins, owner-operator of Santa Barbara Chick-fil-A, told SB Press-News.

Post Santa Barbara, California The first to appear on The Gateway Pundit could declare Chick-fil-A a “public nuisance” because of the long drive-through line.

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