Scarborough: I’m not doing Ukrainian politics, but GOP will trigger ‘Jacques’

In an unreasonable display of hypocrisy, Joe Scarborough on Friday morning religiously declared his anti-Republican stance that he had avoided politicizing the Ukraine crisis.

Scarborough then went on to target Republicans in general, some anonymous Republican senators in particular, and an unnamed but apparently Donald Trump.

Scarborough began by claiming Some Republican senators are urging Biden to “do something that will trigger World War III.” This was probably a reference to a call by Ted Cruz and other Republican senators to allow the transfer of MIG fighter jets to Ukraine, allowing the establishment of a no-fly zone.

Scarborough then turned into a very thin-veiled attack on TrumpHe acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Biden’s government.

Some presidents go to Europe and push people out of the way so that they can be in the forefront when taking pictures of the group, or attack the woman leading Germany, or attack the woman leading Britain. Continuing to follow our allies as we embrace oppressive rulers around the world [mentioning Putin and Xi.]

Like anonymous Republican senators, Scarborough Coelley declined to name Trump, but his intentions were unclear.

Scarborough then ridiculed Republicans for their “stupid little populist playbook.” Which made it difficult for them to accept that Biden’s supposed experience had allowed him to achieve European unity.

In an unintentional paradox, Scarborough has accused Republicans of being potential “pro-Putin apologists.” Wait a second! Are the same senators who will start the world war with Ukrainian fighter jets to shoot down Putin’s planes also apologize to Putin? Decide on your slur and stick with it, Joe!

Scarborough ended by condemning the Republican “jackfruit” In the Senate whom he accused of trying to score political points and playing “cheap seats”. He wanted to arouse curiosity by saying, “Boy, do I really want to name a senator? I’m just not going to do that. ” Though it seemed pretty obvious he had Ted Cruz in mind.

If anyone was trying to score political points and play cheap [liberal] Seats, it was a certain Morning Joe Host – Whose name we won’t say!

In the Morning Joe, Scarborough says he did not politicize the Ukraine crisis but then attacked Republicans who criticized Biden in part sponsored by Celebrity Cruz.

Copy here.

Morning Joe
8:10 a.m. ET

Joe Scarborough: Although I would say, Mika, and I have tried a lot so that politics cannot be done Over the last few weeks I have been drilling bipartisanship. But follow what Noah said there, I’m not going to say any names, because I don’t really want to give dignity to their comments. But there are some Republicans, some Republican senators, who are trying to turn it into a political hit against Joe Biden.

Mika Brzezinski: Yes!

Scarborough: And They are pressuring him to do something that will start World War III . . . And guess what happened in the last 23 days? You now have a Germany that has done something that has never been done before World War II. They are now committed to building a larger military force than Russia! This is the change of game. This is a generational change. Sweden and Finland are talking about joining NATO. This is the generational change, the generational change! You look at other countries who are asking us to bring NATO troops into their country, to give them more defense. Generational change.

And how did it happen? This did not happen because some presidents went to Europe and pushed people out of the way so that he could be in front when taking pictures Attacking the woman leading the group, or Germany, or attacking the woman leading Britain. Constantly following our allies as we embrace oppressors around the world. Vladimir Putin said, “Yes, I believe more than you actually believe in our own intellectuals who risk their lives every day for American democracy and American freedom.” Or, yes, Shi, please go ahead and make those concentration camps, it sounds great.

No, we did not build this historic alliance in this way. We have formed a historic alliance By the patience of Joe Biden and, oh, my God. Oh i know This is going to shock you, because it doesn’t fit your foolish little populist playbook with Joe Biden’s experience. . . . And even if you believe he has done most things wrong throughout his career, You really have to be a sick pro-Putin apologistOr, if you do not apologize for Vladimir Putin, you are just a right-wing Republican ideologue attacking him and saying that he is responsible for Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

. . .

You have jackfruit in the United States Senate Trying to gain cheap political points. Hey! Can you wait until the ghosts of nuclear war and World War III overtake us?

Mika: That’s right!

Scarborough: And then go back and make your cheap political points? Because you really – it’s sick.

Mika: Not this time.

Scarborough: It’s the wrong time, right? Wait! . . . Not this time – Boy, do I really want to name a senator? I’m not just going to do it.

MIKA: Not only that, yes.

Scarborough because he’s just – it’s worth it. This is not the time to play for cheap seats.

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