School days, school days in Sunshine State

WASHINGTON – As I wrote many years ago, when an entity falls under the control of liberalism, it eventually loses all knowledge of what it started with. The entity can be as small as a schoolroom or as big as a great city or even a nation. Hand over a schoolroom or a sprawling city to liberal leadership, and eventually you’ll find that the schoolroom is dedicated to teaching baldardash, such as gender studies or critical race theory, and the great cities will be dedicated to feeding the masses. Defunding nuts and nasty vegetables and cops. After evading the police, you’ll find cities devoted to nonsense like criminal rehabilitation programs. Often rehabilitation programs that make offenders feel vaguely privileged.

In fact, we no longer see liberals occupying school systems or big cities because there are so few liberals around today. Now the takeover comes from people who call themselves progressives or walk folk. They are the bearers of advanced thinking, good doers, virtuous. Wherever they dominate, they confuse. See their dominance in the cities. Consider the schools. Progressives and Wake Folk dominate there, and they produce students who can rarely read or perform math, but when it comes to the mystery of those students’ genitals, they have a Ph.D.

There is now a growing rebellion among parents, and it is being led by governors like Ron Desantis of the state of Florida. The Florida Legislature passed a bill last week aimed at curbing bad language taught in Sunshine State classrooms. As The Washington Post Write it down, “The measure prohibits training that makes anyone feel guilty or ashamed about their past combined activities of race or gender.” Apparently, the progressives in the classroom and their Walk Folk collaborators were intent on embarrassing white children because of their supposed relationship with their skin pigmentation and white dominance. I’m not sure which class teaches white supremacy, but I know that Tyrell probably won’t be to blame for it, because we weren’t here when it was in fashion, and for that matter, I imagine DeSantis probably wasn’t around.

In fact, I’m not sure white supremacy was ever in fashion. So why is it being taught in schools? This sounds like another hoax by critics of racist theory. They cheat a lot, for example: the actual date of the establishment of the republic was 1619, the slaves of the date were brought here, I think, Europeans, but they could have been Arabs. The truth is that America was founded in 1776, and when all these claps of race and gender and whatever else are over, America will still celebrate July 4, 1776 as America’s birthday.

During the debate over race at Florida public school, Sen. Audrey Gibson of Florida, a Democrat, asked the rhetorical question, “Is it possible to talk about slavery, or is it true that white people, not black people, were slaves?” Well, I don’t know how obsessed Gibson can be with the question of a person’s skin color. I know that no one living today enslaves or enriches himself from slavery, which ended 157 years ago. I also know that the subject of slavery has been discussed more trendingly today than at any other time in my life. Moreover, I would jeopardize the assumption that it has been discussed more sensitively than at any other time in American history. Honestly, I don’t see any good in such discussions. Discussing race only proves that the way critical race theorists insist on discussing it continues.

To put an end to that applause – black-and-white and Asian – Descentis is right to lead this band of angry parents. The real reason for this is that its message is untrue. No one in America today had anything to do with enslaving blacks, and I will end my column with the headline of the day: The Pride of Ukraine!

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