SCOTUS nominee Ketanji Jackson defends Islamist terrorists – known as United States

Further proof that Democrats hate this country with all their might.

Biden’s Supreme Court-appointed Ketanji Brown Jackson has defended Islamist terrorists who have killed Americans and at the same time called the US president a “war criminal.”
And at the same time, he was giving polite words to Pedos.

This is the most radical selection in the history of the High Court. It can’t be bad.
Is there another judge with a worse record than this woman?

On Tuesday, Ketanji Jackson could not explain why he accused the Americans of being war criminals for apprehending the killers.

.Lindsay Grahamsc SCOTUS nominee Ketanji Brown asked Jackson why he cited the United States as a war criminal for detaining potential terrorists.

– MRCTV (rmrctv) March 22, 2022

At the same time, he called President Bush a “war criminal.”

Killing Americans while calling US president a ‘war criminal’ has saved terrorists.

Ketanji Brown Jackson’s morals are so perverted that he believes real terrorists are good people.

She is completely unfit to be a Scottish!

– Joe (mericAmericanJoeTX) March 22, 2022

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