Senate approves Rand Paul’s law, ending mandate on aircraft,

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US Senate The law has approved Rand Paul proposed ending the mask mandate on air and public transport.

The measure is approved by a 57-40 vote and must go to the US House. There will be pressure on Democrats in Congress where they will be forced to double their support for Kovid Overrich. The White House has promised to veto the move, even if the US House passes it.

The White House said in a statement that “the use of face masks in public transport and transportation hubs is an important public health tool to prevent the spread of Covid-19.”

‚ÄúPublic transport and transportation hubs are places where people from different communities meet, often for extended periods of time and in the near future. These settings should be guided by science, not politics, to determine the timeline and circumstances in which the mask will be needed. If Congress passes the resolution, the president will veto it, “they added.

The politics of the Big League Reported On the mental torture inflicted on the public by this unconscious mask order:

The hypochondriac revolution is almost complete.

After nearly 2 painful slow brutal neuropathy, the fall of the Kovid regime is finally upon us.

That without the extremist branch Covidians.

These psychologically fragile and credible virus fetishes not only rejoice over strict government policies, but they never want to end it. Ever.

For those who believe that “everyone should worship a disease and give up their lives for fear of it”, the battle of the masks is taking shape as their Waterloo moment …

There has been a marked rise in uninterrupted reactionary medico-authoritarianism with the recent removal of the mask mandate across much of North America.

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