Senate unanimously approves daylight saving time – Indy News

The Senate on Tuesday approved a proposal to make daylight saving time permanent.

If the proposal, known as the Sunshine Protection Act, passes the House and gets Biden’s signature, Americans will never have to reset their watch – or “fall behind” – for an hour in the fall.

The proposal will not take effect until November 20, 2023, to give airlines and other transportation industries more time to adapt to change. Mountains Report

Sen. Marco Rubio, the main sponsor of the proposal, spoke of the benefits of the proposal.

“There’s a powerful science behind this that is now showing and alerting people to the dangers of clock ticking, increasing the risk of heart attacks, car accidents and pedestrian accidents,” he said on the Senate floor.

“The benefits of daylight saving time have been considered in the study: a reduction in crime due to having daylight, a reduction in seasonal depression that many experience in standard time and practical time,” he said. He added.

“In a country we desperately want our kids to play outside, play sports, not just sit in front of the TV and play video games all day. Being able to do that becomes difficult in many parts of the country. What ends up being that for 16 weeks of the year, if you don’t have a park or outdoor facility with lighting, you basically close at 5pm, in some cases 4pm. “ He said.

Sen. Sheldon, the White House’s chief Democratic supporter, also celebrated its passing.

“It literally darkens our lives when you can get from November when we come back on the shortest day of the year in December, the 21st I think we’ve set at 4:15 on Rhode Island,” he said. “It means everyone is driving home if they work nine-five hours a day they are driving in the dark.”

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