Senator John Kennedy has condemned Biden for not standing to the left in power

(Washington DC) – The best thing Joe Biden can do in response to Russia’s aggression in Ukraine is to reverse his power policies and expose the United States to drilling and fracking.

It would immediately boost the American economy and reduce Putin at the same time. It’s a win-win, but he can’t do it because he’s looking too far to the left.

Louisiana Republican Senator John Kennedy summed it up during a recent appearance on the Shawn Hannity Show.

From Red State:

Sen. Kennedy has spoken quickly about Putin and his handling of the Ukraine invasion by Biden

No one can say that this is a lot like Louisiana Sen. John F. Kennedy, and the most insignificant of Republican politicians made some very sharp remarks by President Joe Biden about conducting the invasion of Ukraine.

“First, I think it’s clear that President Jelensky is the leader of the free world,” Kennedy said.

He added that he and the people of Ukraine were “as tough as boots” and that the United States should be on their side in this engagement with Russia. Kennedy praised the West for its sanctions against Putin, which hurt him. That’s something Kennedy said Biden did, but then the senator went down in the brass tax.

“The rest of President Biden’s economic response to the attack and the military response to the attack is, in my opinion, a wimp fest,” Kennedy said.

“Many of his allies say we have to buy his oil and gas,” Kennedy said. “Where are we going to get it? Well, the obvious North United States, without a problem. Walker Darlings and the Democratic Party will not allow President Biden to adopt an all-powerful policy that includes oil and gas, and the president does not seem to have the courage to stand up. “

Watch the video below:

Sen. John F. Kennedy said Biden had “achieved this right once and for all” with sanctions against Russia, but that the rest of Biden’s response to the invasion of Ukraine was “a wimp fest.”

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Kennedy is absolutely right about this.

Many Democrats know this, even if they don’t admit it.

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