Senator Johnson discusses China-Russia biden biden “it is geodroping”

Larry Cudlow was on his show Wednesday with Republican Senator Ron Johnson. They discussed Biden’s insane actions with Iran.

Larry Cudlow started his show by discussing the insane activities of the Biden gang with Iran.

Kudlo: More insanity about Iran. And obviously, we’re not going to get any closer to an agreement with Iran that I can’t imagine. But we are here, I heard it today, you may have heard, sir, that the White House or the State Department is going to re-classify the Revolutionary Guards, they will no longer be terrorists, the Revolutionary Guards, the biggest terrorist killers in the Middle East or God knows where. What do you think of that senator? Iran’s Revolutionary Guard?

Senator Johnson: Larry, that would be terrible. It would actually be offensive. This administration … has weakened the country with its open borders, uncontrolled spending, record inflation, embarrassing and dangerous surrenders to Afghanistan, but perhaps one of the more embarrassing things is that it crawled back to Iran. The JCPOA and the Iranians will not meet with us. So guess who is negotiating the deal for us? China and Russia. Do you think they are going to negotiate in our best interests?

We are lifting the ban on all types of terrorists. The release of the hostages will probably provide billions of dollars in cash, which will only encourage more hostages. What this administration is thinking of doing is dropping jaws. I hope it goes public …

সময়ে At the very least it should be considered a treaty and come before the Senate.

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“We need a media attack to publish this agreement,” Cudlow said. We will allow them to sell oil. Just a week ago, Iran bombed a U.S. base in Iraq. Yet Biden is moving forward with this insane deal.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards take credit for rocket attack on US base in Irbil, Iraq – 10 days after Iran asked Biden to remove them from the terror list

Senator Johnson first appeared in The Gateway Pundit in the “It’s Joudroping” post about China and Russia negotiating for a biden administration in an agreement with Iran.

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