Show off his true self after the NCAA basketball game with Michigan coach Tennessee –

Michigan coach Juan Howard has shown his true colors after upsetting his team Tennessee in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.

On Saturday, Michigan coach Juan Howard gave Tennessee star basketball player Kennedy Chandler a big hug after the game. It was a very moving moment and the coach received a lot of praise for his sympathy.

Incredible Class Act! A true leader and athlete! We are proud to call this man our coach. To many, he is such a father! Proud day to be Michigan Wolverine. #Goblu

– Dave Portnoy (stoolpresidente) March 20, 2022

ESPN reports:

The video went viral on social media before Michigan coach Juan Howard even celebrated the 2022 NCAA Tournament victory with the players, and he hugged former Fab 5 teammates Chris Weber and Ray Jackson before heading to the locker room.

Howard was walking along the handshake line – the same line where his activities had suspended him about four weeks ago – when he stopped and hugged Kennedy’s new Tennessee guard, Kennedy Chandler.

Howard talks to his 11-seed Wolverines 3-seed volunteers at 76-68, hugging a very emotional chandler after moving to Suite 16 for the fifth year in a row.

“He told me to keep my head up,” Chandler said. “It’s hard for me, and he knew I wanted to win. I know him. I played with her son from fourth grade. So I have known him for a long time. He is a great coach. I love him. He told me to keep my head up and you spoke your heart out, that’s what he told me. “

After the game and the teams shook hands, coach Howard found his former teammate and also congratulated the coach on his victory.

Michigan coach Juan Howard and his fellow Fab Five member Jalen Rose show love to each other after UM wins.

– Joel Lorenzi (@jxlorenzi) March 17, 2022

It was a very different picture when Howard was criticized a few weeks ago for quarreling with a Wisconsin coach after losing to Michigan Wisconsin.

Explosive: Michigan – Wisconsin men’s basketball game – Fighting erupts between head coaches after clashes

Howard gets the last laugh though his team moves to Suite 16 and loses to Wisconsin Iowa State and goes home.

After the NCAA basketball game with Post Michigan coach Tennessee, his first real self appeared at The Gateway Pond.

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