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(Washington DC) – House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) Dismissed Speaker Nancy Pelosi after the San Francisco Democrats told her members to brag about what Demra has achieved since Joe Biden was sworn in as president.

Kevin reminded Nancy not only of Biden but also of Vice President Kamala Harris and other leading Democrats about inflation and low approval ratings. Kevin says:

“Rising prices are a tax on every American, and they show no sign of stopping.” By the end of Biden’s first 2 years as president, families could lose more than $ 6,000 in purchasing power due to inflation. Democrats’ reckless government spending has driven it. “

Kevin later returned to Nancy Pelosi:

“Yesterday, Speaker Pelosi said the Democrats did a great job. ‘We must be proud of what we have done. We have a lot to brag about. ‘ How remarkably out of touch. “

He also tore up Adam Schiff:

“Democrats have politicized our intelligence committee. You’ve seen it year after year since Adam Schiff became chair.

“No, he does not warn us about what is happening in Ukraine or Afghanistan or around the world. He told you about politics.

“But the worst part of it is, you can’t believe what he told you, he lied to us.

“Just look at what happened. Two years ago, Schiff said emails from Hunter Biden were a stain on Joe Biden from the Kremlin. That is what the head of the Intel Committee said.

Schiff (D-Calif.) Said as the story of the laptop broke: “We know that this whole smear of Joe Biden came from the Kremlin. It has been clear for over a year now that they are pushing this false narrative about the vice president and his son.

“Obviously, this whole smear originated from the Kremlin, and I’m very happy to have the help of President Kremlin and to try to expand it.”

Reporter: “Do you believe that there is any merit in the argument that oil companies are not giving customers a break?”@ Goplider: “It’s just starting to show how [Democrats] Art does not understand. Things don’t change overnight. “Https://t.co/jrW90gvqOz pic.twitter.com/oAbARfNKYS

– The Hill (@thehill) March 18, 2022

Yesterday, Speaker Pelosi said Democrats “have done a great job. We must be proud of what we have done. We have a lot to brag about.”

How significantly out of touch.

I got more thoughts on this in my news conference, now starting: https://t.co/eeIXPF6OGm

– Kevin McCarthy (@GOPLeader) March 18, 2022

.@ Goplider: “What did we learn from the New York Times yesterday? Yes, it’s Joe Biden’s laptop. And yes, Adam Schiff lied to us once more. Why is he still the chairman of the intelligence committee? […] He will not be in the new Congress. ” https://t.co/mrz1gbsLBw pic.twitter.com/01Jc5GORvx

– The Hill (@thehill) March 18, 2022

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