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Six teenagers have been killed in a collision with a semi-truck on a highway in Oklahoma.

High school students died on the spot in a collision with a semi-truck in Tishomingo just after noon on Tuesday.

No details were given about the devastation.

Absolutely terrible news from Tishomingo, 6 HS students were killed in a collision with a semi truck at the OK US377 / OK 22 intersection. kfor #Chopper4

– Mark Dillard (@ F5 video) March 22, 2022

KFOR reports:

Tishomingo Public School and community members are mourning the death of six high school students who died in an accident involving a semi-truck on Tuesday.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol confirmed to KFOR that six Tishomingo high school girls had all died in the crash. They were in a car that collided with a half-truck at the junction of U.S. 377 and Oklahoma 22.

Superintendent Bobby Waitman issued a statement Tuesday saying the school is mourning the loss of District High School students.

In a letter to parents and community members, Weitman said, “We think it’s important that we let you know that our district has suffered a major loss today involving high school students.” “Our hearts are broken, and we mourn with our students and staff. We currently have mentors available for students. Our Tishomingo High School has room for counselors until the evening. ”

Pray for their families.

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Tragic post: 6 teenagers killed in Oklahoma half-truck crash

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