SoCal residents drive to Tijuana for cheap gas – Indy News

San Diego Californians are driving across the border into Mexico for cheap gas.

Gas prices in California averaged 6 per gallon, thanks to Joe Biden’s fight for domestic energy production and the combination of higher taxes in the Golden State.

Gas prices in Tijuana average $ 3.96 per gallon – একটি 2 less per gallon than in California.

Big banners advertising their cheap gas prices at Mexican gas stations take a shot at Joe Biden’s America: “Cheaper than the United States!”

The Los Angeles Times reports:

Claudia Jessica was filling her gray Nissan Pathfinder near her home in Villarreal stove Vista, California. Russia then invaded Ukraine and petrol prices rose.
The 54-year-old psychologist soon discovered a bargain.

A dozen miles south, right in Tijuana on the US-Mexico border, regular gas sells for an average of $ 3.96 per gallon – about $ 2 less than in California.

She was in Tijuana on Wednesday to take her children to a doctor’s appointment, so filling up the Santa Fe gas station on Salinas Boulevard was not a big deal. However, he is also doing special travel.

“I swear, I’m coming once a week,” he said. “I’ll cross when I can.”

He can thank one for the concessions: Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

Now banners at Mexican gas stations in Tijuana say “Cheaper than the United States!” Expresses their prices with symbols like this

Although lower prices have tempted Californians who live near the border and are willing to sit in traffic to get back and forth, the real beneficiaries are Mexicans.

Mexico is a major oil producer, but due to a shortage of refineries to convert it into fuel, it imports 80% of its gasoline from the United States.

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