Spanish-language networks spread confusion about ‘don’t say gay’

The Hispanic media wasted no time in engaging in misleading propaganda about the new law, entitled ‘Parental Rights in Education’, instead embracing the nickname ‘Don’t Say Homosexual’ adopted by activists that the law grants parental status to children. Third, through pre-school, applicable rights to their education, and in particular, to gender and gender issues.

Of course, anything related to Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis caused a concussion in the Latino corporate media. In a Spanish-language newscast, journalists insisted on defending the rights of the ‘oppressed’ LGBT community, passing a lie in favor of the truth because nowhere in the law is it said ‘don’t say gay’.

It should be noted that in the national news broadcast by Univisión, Telemundo, CNN En Español (CNNEE) and Estrella TV only CNNEE took the time to elaborate on the “controversial” part of the law that other channels removed. The context is completely, or simply ignored. Yet, they are stuck in their report saying ‘don’t say gay’.

To be clear: words Gay HB 1557 is nowhere to be seen. The unrest among the progressives is the law The discussion of sexual orientation or gender identity is limited to those that are age and developmentally appropriate for students; That is, from kindergarten to third grade.

It also requires district school boards to adopt procedures that comply with certain provisions of the law to inform student parents about certain information and, more importantly, strengthen parents’ fundamental right to make decisions about parenting and control of their children.

Bills such as HB 1557 are a welcome relief, given the deep traditional family values ​​of the Hispanic community. The epidemic lockdown resulted in immorality in schools across the country, when parents were able to see in their living room what their children were being taught — it was time for parents to take responsibility.

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