Spring Breakers Descend on Florida; Fear of guns trampled on South Beach

Photo credit: Daily Mail

More than 500,000 college co-editors have landed on Florida beaches for spring break this week.

The Daily Mail reports:

Spring breakers have been seen enjoying wet t-shirt contests, torching and public smooching sessions as the annual party has grown more than ever after two years of cowardly stagnation – even the mayor of Miami Beach has increased the number of beach cops and said the city is free from “blockers”.

Hotels have been booked in both Miami Beach and South Padre Island, Texas, where young men and women have increased the population of both leisure cities to spend a few days relaxing on the beach.

An estimated 570,000 students will flock to Florida, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

According to the local Chamber of Commerce, Port Aranas, a town on Barrier Island just north of the South Pole, is also expected to have a population of 3,000 to 350,000.

Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelbar told local station WPLG this week, ‘Sometimes it seems like the city is under siege just because of the number of people arriving.

Crowds were expelled for the first chance to throw post-epidemic lockdowns – repeatedly telling reporters they were happy to finally be loose after sitting in their dorm rooms and apartments for two years.

“It simply came to our notice then. The children are being held captive in their dormitory. We hope the spring break will return to normal, “said Clayton Brasier, a bar owner.

The girls were walking around the beach in thong bikinis on South Padre Island.


Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Thursday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck.


We were told we had to get the car back #OceanDrive. The only way to keep people from “gathering” and “partying” was to erase our dream of a world-class pedestrian promenade and replace cars with people.

Last night, St. Patty’s Day, the thesis was examined. pic.twitter.com/dI0kU7zhoX

– Better Streets Miami Beach (@BikeWalkMB) March 18, 2022

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