Taps and Dolls lose liquor licenses in connection with South Meridian violence –

Indianapolis – The liquor license of a popular downtown indie bar has been revoked by both the city and the state, as it is linked to a number of issues related to violence in its vicinity.

Taps & Dolls and Tiki Bob’s Cantina have come under intense scrutiny by Indianapolis Metro Police over the past three years. Officers at the time were collecting data from both bars and noticed a pattern.

Most of those arrested around South Meridian Road said they had been to one of the two bars before taking part in a violent incident, and that sometimes the violence took place inside the bar.

Sherry Sewart, president of Downtown Indie, Inc., said: “If the arrest had been made south of Meridian Street they would have tied it up in one of these two bars.”

Seiwert said bar owners would be held accountable if they fueled criminal activity in downtown Indianapolis, directly or indirectly.

Although they are on thin ice, Tiki Bob’s canteen has been given a one-year extension of his liquor license. Taps & Dolls weren’t so lucky, as Seiwert said the bar owner, Ryan Grab, made false statements under oath while talking to investigators about the matter.

“This combined with negative activity has put him in a different light,” Sewart said.

He added that Tiki Bob was allowed to keep their liquor license because they offered to solve some problems.

Overall, Seiwert says it’s frustrating that the state has revoked Taps & Dolls’ liquor licenses, but also understands why the decision was made.

Taps & Dolls lose liquor license on 93.1FM WIBC due to connection with South Meridian Violence

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