The Canadian Energy official said, “What is America thinking?”

A Canadian energy official asks why Biden is buying oil from abroad when Canadian oil is right next door. Americans are asking why Biden is preventing the United States from digging.

The Popularist Press has shared a Blaze report on the reaction of Canadian energy officials when it comes to buying oil from abroad right next to Canadian oil.

A Canadian energy official has expressed frustration with the Biden administration for increasing oil production from Venezuela and Saudi Arabia instead of looking to neighboring countries in the north.

Alberta Energy Minister Sonia Savage made the remarks in an interview with WJLA-TV’s Lisa Fletcher.

“What did you think when President Biden called on other oil-producing countries like OPEC and Saudi Arabia?” Fletcher asked.

“I thought, ‘What?’ “We’re right next door. We’re here!” Savage replied.

“It’s very frustrating when we see the US administration asking Saudi Arabia for more oil, OPEC asking for more oil, looking at Iran, looking at Venezuela when we are right here in Alberta. “They should see us as a solution to energy security, not around Venezuela,” he explained.

This is a good question from a Canadian official. However, Americans want to know why Biden is buying oil from our enemies when we have enough oil in our house. Thanks to President Trump’s policy in 2020, the United States became a power for the first time in decades. Biden has changed that.

After energy became independent for the first time in decades in 2020, the US became an energy importer in 2021 and forecasts will be even worse in 2022.

Those who run the White House are not for America. This individual or group is against America which is seen in their every move.

A post-Canadian energy official says what all America thinks was first appeared at The Gateway Pondy.

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