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Every single person on this planet has a special gift. A genius. One thing that sets them apart from others. For Taipei City Councilor Chiu Wei-chieh, it’s breaking chopsticks with his butt.

Chiu Wei-chieh smashed a total of 53 chopsticks with his hip cheek after losing a bet that the recent election to remove Kaohsiung City Mayor would not get more than 400,000 yes votes.

Before the June 6 withdrawal election, “this party can’t be stopped,” Councilor Chiu Wei-chi bet that if his prediction gets a few thousand votes, he will break several chopsticks with his back edge.

Election results: Mayor Han was ousted with 939,090 votes in favor of his removal.

Bring chopsticks!

Butt Chick Chopstick Bastin Incident: Chiu Wei-chieh is capable of breaking 5 chopsticks at once with his patent-pending technique.

Observe his gift in action:

Thoughts and Prayers: Chiu managed to meet the target of his 53 broken chopsticks even though he was stabbed by a broken, split edge which was somewhat uncooperative. We wish him well.

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