The Hollywood Gay Lobby will now grade Hollywood studios into LGBTQ grants.

Since Disney failed to screw up Descentis with its “Don’t Say Gay Bill” last week, GLAAD has taken it upon itself to hold the movie industry more accountable for how it treats the LGBTQ community.

For this reason, be prepared to see many more gays in Tinseltown and offscreen reports March 15 that Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation is releasing a new report that grades Hollywood studios and companies based on their donations and / or willingness to support the LGBTQ community.

“The annual report ranks each studio based on the amount, quality and variety of LGBTQ presentations from its films in the previous calendar year,” GLAAD said in a recent press release.

The report represents a new addition to the lobby’s “Annual Studio Responsibility Index”, a study that analyzes LGBTQ representation. [film] Release. “

In previous years, this responsibility indicator will focus on how much LGBTQ is represented in Hollywood movies, who is cast in the film, and who is hired to work in the film. One of GLAAD’s most famous recent reports (in 2019) argued that the current LGBTQ presentation on TV needs to be more.

GLAAD has encouraged the TV industry to increase its LGBTQ representation by 20% by 2025, which is in fact a huge overstatement of the gay community.

Now the new addition will “grade eight major film studio distributors: Lionsgate, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures, STX Films, United Artist Releasing, Universal Pictures, Walt Disney Studios and Warner Bros.” Whether they are giving enough to LGBTQ activists.

It’s a lot like how the NRA rates politicians for how protective they are of Second Amendment rights. Constitutionally-minded Republican Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) received a better NRA grade than Socialist gun-wielding Senator Barney Sanders (D-VT).

The point is that Disney, for example, could get an F grade if it doesn’t donate বিভিন্ন 1 million to various gay groups next year, and it will be taken away from Disney CEO Bob Chapek before he gives a more intense groving session. Awake crowd claims that the new additions to GLAAD’s annual report are inspired by the recent fragility of Disney and Chapak.

“There has been a growing backlash against Disney for failing to take immediate action against the Florida State Parents’ Rights Education Bill, and now the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) wants to blame Hollywood studios for their inaction,” the piece says.

However, GLAAD President Sarah Kate Ellis made this clear in a recent tweet announcing the updated index:

Great. By the end of this decade, all your favorite Disney characters are more likely to be gay, bisexual or trans.

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