The memo to the Catholic Cardinals called the current pope a “disaster” and a “disaster.”

An anonymous entity circulating among Catholic cardinals included a memorandum urging them to choose someone against their current pope.

Catholic cardinals have chosen the pope for centuries. They really messed with the Vatican’s current socialism.

Britbert reports:

A memorandum circulating among Catholic cardinals who would elect the next pope called Francis Pontifact a “disaster” and a “disaster” when determining the tasks required for St. Peter’s next successor.

The nearly 2,000-word memo, signed under the pseudonym Demos (“man” in Greek), declares that historically, “the Pope and the Church of Rome have a unique role to play in preserving the apostolic tradition, the rule of faith, and ensuring that churches teach what Christ and the apostles taught.” Continues, “a role that has been virtually abandoned since the installation of Pope Francis in March 2013.

As stated earlier: “Rome has spoken. The reason is limited(Rome speaks, lawsuit closed). Today it is: “Rome speaks. Leads to confusion”(Rome speaks and leads to confusion), the memo says.

The text criticizes the papacy’s silence in the face of public denial of key elements of the church’s moral teachings by high-ranking prilators combined with a heavy hand crackdown on conservative and liturgical conservatives.

It also underscored Pope Francis’ “grave failure” to support human rights in Venezuela, Hong Kong, mainland China, and now the Russian aggression, adding that “there is no public support for Catholics in China who have been loyal to the papacy for more than 70 years.” Tortured incessantly. “

Regarding the election of the next pope, the new pope must understand that the mystery of the Christian and Catholic vitality comes from faithfulness to the teachings of Christian and Catholic practice. It doesn’t fit into the world or come from money, “the document reads.

“The first tasks of the new pope will be to restore normalcy, to restore the clarity of beliefs and moral doctrines, to restore due respect to the law, and to ensure the acceptability of the Apostolic tradition as the first criterion for the appointment of bishops,” it declares. .

The situation is so bad that the current inhabitants of the Vatican have been described by some as “less popes.”

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The memo to post-Catholic cardinals called the current pope a “disaster” and a “disaster” – the next pope’s call to support Christian faithfulness first appeared in The Gateway Scholar.

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