The Michigan County Election Supervisor has been placed on unpaid leave at the time of the crime

The following article, Michigan County Election Supervisor on Unpaid Leave During Criminal Election Tampering Trial, was first published in Big League politics.

Cathy Frank, the Genesee County election supervisor, has been placed on unpaid leave while on trial for serious electoral fraud.

Complaints come from Funk’s time as Flint Township Clerk when a ballot seal was broken during the August 4, 2020 primary election. The broken seal, which occurred during an alleged break, prevented ballots from being recounted under Michigan state law.

Funk is alleged to have deliberately set the scene in order to win a narrow election to stay in power. Funk was an elected official who oversaw the election in Flint Township during the 2020 stolen presidential election. Following this alleged fraud, he was promoted to a position of authority throughout the county.

Genesee County Clerk John Gleason has been on leave since March 21, requesting a “future review of the situation and appropriate changes.” This came after the Canvassers demanded the removal of Funk from the pending position in the Jenny County Board case.

The politics of the Big League How Funk and his superiors paraded around after the 2020 presidential election to claim that there was no fraud before any real investigation:

A large voter fraud scandal uncovered in a poor, Democrat-driven city in Michigan could prove whistleblowers who have been subjected to satanic and intimidation to expose electoral crimes in the state.

The Daily Gazette, a newspaper from the Metropolitan Flint area, has confirmed that former Flint Township clerk Kathy Funk is being investigated by a minor for rigging the August 2020 primary election with missing ballots. The amount of votes.

A warrant has been requested from the Jensey County Prosecutor’s Office following an investigation by Michigan State Police, the county prosecutor has already withdrawn from the case. Funk said a mysterious break-in had occurred in the Flint Township Municipal Building of his office on the night of the August 2020 primary election. A canister with the missing ballot conveniently falls to the ground during break-in, removes the seal and makes it ineligible for recalculation under state law.

During the mysterious break, Funk lost the township clerk’s election. When the vote count is all said and done, Funk defeats his opponent Mania Triplet by a narrow 79-vote margin. Funk has been charged with staging a break-in and tampering with a missing ballot. Sources told the Daily Gazette that he had failed false detection tests on several occasions.

Funk recently resigned as Township Clerk to oversee the Genesee County election, which surrounds the town of Flint. He has confirmed the trash of his former colleagues in a public announcement of his resignation.

“I can make it official since the word has come out officially. I resigned as Flint Township Clerk, effective (November 18 at 8am). I have taken a position as Electoral Supervisor of Genesis County. I have enjoyed serving Flint Township residents to the best of my ability. However, in the last two years or so, it has become increasingly clear that some members of the Township Board will play a political game with the department that is supposed to ensure the most basic function of democracy – voting. I look forward to serving all residents and clerks / deputy clerks across the county in my new role, ”said Funk.

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