The rhetorical gymnastics of climate change – Indy News

Posted: March 13, 2022 12:01 AM

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Critical Race Theory (CRT) is the first monika leftists hired to lead us on the path to communism. The second, and broader term is “climate change”. This last word is nothing more than a well-crafted rhetoric that masks the one-world agenda. Recall that Aristotle was the ancients who defined rhetoric in his book, rhetoric, as the concept, “the use of all available means of inspiration.” Throughout Aristotle’s collected works, he speculated that [and use] Which is inspiring. ” Sometimes good, but mostly bad, rhetoric is the modus operandi of politicians, the currency of the kingdom of their hypocritical world. The Biden administration is not unfamiliar with the use of ornaments. The national average gas price for regular unleaded is about $ 4.32 per gallon, and in Oakefornia it is $ 5.73 and possibly more, there are several culprits. At the top of the list are President Joe “Non Compose Mentis” Biden and leftists who have entered his administration. On his first day in office, he confirmed that he had made progress on a number of executive orders, including the Green New Deal (GND), which was first endorsed by the AOC in 2019, but failed under President Trump.

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