Sunday, June 26th, 2022

The Spanish-language media is spreading the word ‘don’t say gay’

The Latin media quickly jumped on the bandwagon over Florida’s new ‘Parental Rights in Education’ bill, capturing the ‘don’t she gay’ moniker adopted by activists to describe the law, which is given to parents of children from kindergarten to third grade. Their education, and in particular, their enforceable rights on gender and gender issues.

Of course, anything related to Florida Republican Gov. Ron Desantis provokes a concussion from the Latino corporate media. In Spanish-speaking newscasts, journalists were so intent on defending the ‘oppressed’ LGBT community that they were reluctant to accept the lie as true because there is nowhere in the bill that says ‘Don’t say gay’:

Note: Of the national newscasts aired on Univision, Telemundo, CNN En Español (CNNEE), and Estrella TV, only CNNEE took the time to elaborate on the “controversial” part of the law, which has been omitted altogether. Context, or is ignored by other channels. Nevertheless, in their report, they dont hold on to gay.

To be crystal clear: sound Gay Nowhere to be seen in HB 1557. The catastrophe caused by the progressives is the law Restricts the discussion of sexual orientation or gender identity to those that are age-appropriate and developmental for students; Which is from kindergarten to third grade.

It also requires district school boards to adopt procedures that comply with certain provisions of law to inform student parents about certain information and, most importantly, strengthen the parent’s fundamental right to make decisions about raising and controlling their children.

In terms of the deep-set traditional family values ​​of the Hispanic community, bills like HB 1557 are a welcome relief. What happened to Free-All-All at school in the country, and what became clear when the lockdown brought the classroom into the living room, parents actually saw what their children were being taught — it was time for mom and dad to take responsibility.

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