The Trump Hotel DC will be sold to the group, including the former baseball star

The federal government has approved an agreement to sell the 45th President Donald Trump’s DC Hotel.

His hotel, the Miami Investment Fund Ground, is being sold to CGI Merchant Group – which includes former MLB player Alex Rodriguez.

Sales are expected to reach 375 million – more than the 200 million spent on renovating the space.

The Hill reports:

The General Services Administration (GSA) has approved the sale of former President Trump’s DC Hotel to the Miami Investment Fund Ground CGI Merchant Group.

The agency said Friday that “the confirmation is based on a comprehensive and thorough review of the appropriate documentation provided in support of the proposed assignment.”

Trump bought the federally owned Old Post Office building near the White House a few years ago, but the hotel has recently been hit by the epidemic and the removal of partners due to capital riots.

The hotel is in the process of being bought by an investment group, including former New York Yankees player Alex Rodriguez.

It comes at a time when the Democrats are hunting witches within Trump.

The investigation against the Trump organization has officially ended because there is no evidence that the Trump organization has inflated its assets.

In fact, it has now been found that the Trump administration has in fact devalued its assets.

Conservative Brief Report:

However, Pomerantz’s claim is being denied by a source familiar with the investigation who spoke to Fox News Digital. The source points the network to the former president’s “statement of financial position”, which describes an entity’s assets, liabilities, and ability to raise and use funds.

The source told Fox News that Trump did not artificially inflate his financial statements, as prosecutors expected or complained, but rather that he actually devalued his assets.

The source also told Fox News that Trump has never defaulted on payments to banks, adding that his financial statements contained “caution” which “rejected” claims by the DA’s office.

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Post Trump Hotel DC to be sold to group with former baseball star, become Waldorf-Astoria

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