The US administration is the “very definition of oppression” – Indy News

Business owners must keep in mind the fact that their regulatory bodies will not leave and will continue to exercise discretion to exercise jurisdiction, conduct inspections and permanently prosecute and prosecute. Regulatory swords like Damocles are forever on the head of every American businessman. As a result, most regulators try to find a way to avoid it, they often accept their every demand, no matter how unreasonable. The ideological condition of concessions involves a deep loss of freedom which translates into less innovation, less consumer choice, higher prices and a massive waste of business time, money and opportunity. For the past 142 years, the American administrative state has been a major obstacle to independence and progress, the burden of which has grown as the economy has entered recession. When President Trump called for the removal of the swamp, he sent a clear message to corrupt actors in government who wanted to overturn the 2016 election that their days were numbered.

The post-American administrative state is the “very definition of oppression.” The first populist press appeared in © 2022.

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