The Vanderburgh County Prosecutor has been charged with food, clothing and 10K.

Evansville, Ind. – Clothing, underwear, even gourmet strawberries. Vanderburgh County’s top prosecutor said he made no mistake when his office used the county’s credit card to purchase those items.

Prosecutor Nick Herman and his office recently came under some scrutiny from a county auditor who flagged nearly $ 10,000 in credit card purchases between 2020 and the end of 2021.

Many of the purchases were for the Christmas Angels program, a charitable initiative run by the Ministry of Media and supported by the Prosecutor’s Office, that families can adopt needy families to buy Christmas gifts for them.

“We let them do this throughout the year and when they do their best and there are still children and families who need to be adopted we (the prosecutor’s office) go to the plate and take care. Their last bit, ”Herman said.

There were some questions as to why so much money was spent on buying expensive fruit like gourmet strawberries as well as women’s underwear and clothing as part of the event.

“Every holiday season, people in the community move on,” Herman said. “There are toys and bicycle donations. Traditionally, our office contributes to buying apples and oranges for treat bags. What was this purchase? “

A lot of money was spent on staff lunches for his office, which he said is part of a training program that is actually saving the county money since the program is usually held in Indianapolis.

Herman, a Republican, initially had problems with how the story got published in a report in the Courier-Journal. He called it slanted and bizarre that this kind of story was reported so close to the election year.

Herman is seeking re-election as a prosecutor and is also facing charges of sexual harassment, which were settled between him and his defendant in April last year.

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