The White House has asked Congress to ignite the fire as it seeks to address the chip deficit.

Washington – The country is still facing a chip shortage. Computer chips for your car, laptop, and even equipment that keeps you safe.

Both the House and the Senate are working on separate bills that address the same issue.

“This is very important for a bipartisan effort,” said Sen. Todd Young (R-IN). “Number one: this is the only way you can pass a bill from the United States Senate, especially in today’s closely divided chamber. We also have a closely divided House of Representatives.”

The House has passed a version of its Bilateral Innovation Act, known as the Chips Act, which plans to spend $ 52 billion to strengthen domestic semiconductor (chip) production.

The Senate is still in the process of concluding discussions on a committee of the United States Innovation and Competition Act (USICA), which is expected to pass once it reaches the Senate floor. Once that happens both chambers need to coordinate both bills to come up with one that works for both.

“I’m excited that we’re moving forward with USICA in the Senate this week so we can be in a position to start a formal dialogue with the House before the end of the term,” Young said. “Members of both parties must make policy compromises and concessions in order to conclude an agreement.”

Both chambers already seem to agree that the United States can no longer afford to lag behind China in terms of technological innovation, much of which revolves around the availability of semiconductors.

Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo, with whom Young spoke at a panel on Monday, said China is now the world’s leading chip maker. He added that most chips the United States now uses are made in Taiwan.

Raymondo says most companies, such as car manufacturers, have enough chip inventory to sustain them for five days, down from 40 days just a few years ago. Young added that it is vital for our national security that the United States be at the forefront of chip production.

The post first appeared on 93.1FM WIBC, urging White House Congress to light a fire in an effort to address the chip deficit.

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