“There was blood, there were stains” – Flint fired the school board president

Daniel Green on the left, Laura McIntyre on the right

The Flint Board of Education held an emergency meeting Wednesday to oust the school board president after he physically assaulted the board’s treasurer over control of এবং 150 million in federal and state covid assistance.

Earlier in the day, six board members voted unanimously to remove Daniel Green from the presidency, in a bid to attack board treasurer Laura McIntyre.

“A school board may meet if it does not comply with the requirements of the OMA (Open Meeting Act) notice if it becomes necessary to address a serious and impending threat to the health or well-being of the public.” The building has been accused of insulting Treasurer McIntyre at an open meeting of President Green, and the board has called an emergency meeting to discuss how to keep board members and the public safe in an open meeting and to implement security or other appropriate measures, “said a statement from East Village Magazine. The report said, for an emergency meeting at the Accelerated Learning Academy.

The incident was witnessed by other members of the school board.

“It was a physical attack,” Chris Dale Moron, who witnessed the event, said during the meeting, according to the report. “There was blood, there were wounds.”

Another board member, Carol McIntosh, explained that she believed the attack was for money.

“It’s control, big money, and those who get their hands on this dollar,” McIntosh, who was promoted to vice president of the board, said during the meeting.

The victim, McIntyre, claimed that there was no argument before the attack.

“Daniel got up and committed the crime for something special that I said and had no idea about it. He walked around our staff secretary and pushed me and started threatening me with his finger. I stood back as he grabbed my neck and then grabbed my hair, pressed my head against the table and started punching me in the head, “McIntyre said.” … It was sure, unwanted and not completely inappropriate. It will not be done and we are taking action tonight. At that moment, I was shocked and amazed.

For his part, Green was not seen denying any of what the witness said and was present at the meeting where he was removed.

According to an ABC 12 report, Green said, “This is one of the highlights of my life, my career, my position in the community.” Absolutely not. And that is a fact. “

The school district issued a statement addressing the violence, which reads as follows:

Clare McClinton, a resident of Flint, said during the hearing, “Flint community schools … are at a crossroads … you are accused of protecting and maintaining a public school system … our students are out every day for less than what we hear.” Is done “.

The Flint Police Department has confirmed to ABC 12 that a complaint has been filed, but they have not announced any charges against Green or McIntyre.

Gateway Pundit has reached out to the Flint Police Department for comment and will update this story if one is given.

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