“These Demon Democrats, they are ready to destroy you and your family!” (Video) –

This morning, CNN reported that U.S. officials are expecting a storm this month across 240,000-340,000 illegal U.S. open borders!
A quarter of a crore is illegal in a month!

Border officials fear 6 thousand a day!

CNN: Biden’s record border crisis is “record-breaking” and a “surprise”.

“This is a huge number.”

Border patrols are predicting 8,000 threats per day for the next 30-45 days. They are predicting 240,000-360,000 illegal crossings. # Biden Border Crisis

– Steve Guest (SteveGuest) March 25, 2022

Biden and Kamala are completely open to the U.S. border so anyone can walk, cross or cross the open border in the U.S.

An attack of a historical proportion!

Steve Bannon stopped the news by telling Hispanic voters, “These monster Democrats are out to destroy you and your family!”

Steve Bannon: It is an aggression. Hey, you noticed Joe Biden is there on the Ukraine-Polish border today. You haven’t seen him in the valley in Rio Grande. You haven’t seen him on the southern border. He’ll be called crazy. Among all his lies and misrepresentations, this is the first article of impeachment against this man. He launched an attack on the border of our beloved country and intensified it. And he is sending billions more for the 100,000 refugees there … they will not come and face the reality of what they have done for this nation.

যান Go to Biden South Texas. Don’t send Orange Harris. He is a disaster and a joke. And a new book says he soaked himself when you gave him that assignment. He didn’t want that … Come on! We need the President of the United States. The people there deserve to come down and face them. This is the demand of the working class. Every Hispanic who can hear my voice if you vote for these monster Democrats will come out to destroy you and your family. Don’t take my word for it. Go to Del Rio in Texas!

Post Steve Bannon explodes, telling Hispanic voters: “These Demon Democrats, they are ready to destroy you and your family!” (Video) The Gateway Pandit first appeared.

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