Todd Young urges Biden to send more aid to Ukraine – Indy News

Indianapolis – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky sought more help during talks with the US Congress on Wednesday morning, and Senator Todd Young agreed.

He says Russia needs help protecting its airspace as it continues its aggression in Ukraine.

“This war for Kiev and a larger war to maintain Ukraine’s independence will require domination of the airspace,” Young said. “Now we have provided lethal assistance to the Ukrainians. Most recently through a িদ 14 billion aid package in a bipartisan fashion that provided them with additional javelin anti-tank weapons. It provided its people with additional anti-aircraft weapons on the ground, but they needed more missile service to ensure they could control the airspace. “

Young says Ukrainian pilots need jets to fly, and President Joe Biden wants NATO allies to work with them to provide resources for self-defense.

“So let’s give the Ukrainian people the tools to continue the war. We have succeeded in helping Ukraine become a hedgehog that is difficult for Vladimir Putin and his army to digest. Let’s go to the next step. Let’s make sure they have the teeth to fight as soon as they launch a counter-attack from Kiev. “

Young says America must stand by the people of Ukraine in their dark times.

Post Todd Young first appeared on 93.1FM WIBC, pushing Biden to send more help to Ukraine.

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