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(Tampa, Florida) – In these last two months I have realized that my place is still on the field and not on the stand. That time will come. But not now. I love my teammates, and I love my supportive family. They make it all possible. I am returning to my 23rd season in Tampa. Unfinished business LFG

– Tom Brady (Tombrady) March 13, 2022

Brady will return to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for what will be his third season with the team. The quarterback, considered the greatest of all time, spent his first 20 NFL seasons with the New England Patriots. Brady finally won six championships with the Patriots before adding another to the Buccaneers two seasons ago.

Brady, now 44, will have the opportunity to add his lead to an all-time Super Bowl win for a quarterback. The next of Brady’s seven Super Bowls are Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana, who have each won four championships. Ben Rothlisberger, who won two with the Pittsburgh Steelers, has not led his team to multiple Super Bowls since his retirement earlier this year.

Brady’s seven or more Super Bowls could probably become a sports record that will not be touched for a while, if ever.

Tom Brady also has a commanding lead in the record of passing several NFLs. Future Hall of Fame will now add a total of 624 touchdown passes to the career, which is good for all time. Aaron Rogers, who has thrown 449 touchdowns in his career, is the only active quarterback who has given Brady an outside shot to catch in the near future. Brady threw for 84,270 yards and the most passing yards of all time, including the count. Drew Bryce briefly held the record before Brady was caught with him in 2021.

Following Brady’s announcement, Fanduel Sportsbook has tied the Tampa Bay with the Green Bay Packers as the NFC Conference Favorite.

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